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How Much Do Raspberries Weigh? (Conversions & Calories)

We’ve done the research and put this article together to help you find everything you need to know about raspberry weights and calories.

After weighing various fresh raspberries we found that one average-sized raspberry weighs around 5g/0.18oz.

Because raspberries are a natural product they do vary in weight, with smaller berries weighing 2-4g and larger berries weighing 6-8g.

Read on to find out more about raspberry weights and calories, including weight conversion charts and calorie charts for various weights and serving sizes, and a calculator to help you find the information you need.

How Much Does a Raspberry Weigh? (In Grams, Ounces, Kilograms And Pounds)

The table below shows the conversion weights of one average-sized raspberry, to help you convert the weights of a single berry.

If you’re looking for weights for larger raspberry portions then head on to the next section.

WeightWeight of one
sized raspberry
Weighing one fresh raspberry
Weighing a large raspberry

Raspberry Weight Calculator

The calculator below will help you to convert any amount of raspberries (various sizes) into metric and imperial weights.

Select your raspberry size and input the weight to continue:

Raspberry Weight & Calorie Chart For Various Serving Sizes

This chart is based on an average medium-sized raspberry of 5g per berry and assuming a calorie count of 3kcal per 5g berry (as per the USDA).

We have worked out each serving size based on these averages and for various portion sizes so you can work out the weights and calories per portion size:

Raspberry Serving
size (based on
Serving weight
(in Grams & Ounces)
Calories in
1 raspberry5g/0.18oz3 kcal
2 raspberries10g/0.36oz6 kcal
3 raspberries15g/0.54oz9 kcal
4 raspberries20g/0.72oz12 kcal
5 raspberries25g/0.9oz15 kcal
6 raspberries30g/1.08oz18 kcal
7 raspberries35g/1.26oz21 kcal
8 raspberries40g/1.44oz24 kcal
9 raspberries45g/1.62oz27 kcal
10 raspberries50g/1.8oz30 kcal
15 raspberries75g/2.7oz45 kcal
20 raspberries100g/3.6oz60 kcal

For much more information on raspberry calories and to use our calorie calculator, take a look at the articles below:

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How many calories are in a cup of raspberries?

How Many Raspberries Are In A Serving/portion?

Healthline confirms that a serving of raspberries is one cup, which weighs an average of 123g (4.3oz).

A cup serving of whole average-sized raspberries weighing 123g contains 64 calories (in kcal).

How Many Raspberries Are In A Cup?

If you prefer to measure using a cup, then this section will help you to work out the weight and amount of raspberries per cup.

We filled a US cup with raspberries of various sizes and a full cup of berries weighed 123g/4.3oz (0.12kg or 0.28lb), this was equal to a total of 25 raspberries.

Cup of fresh raspberries

For more raspberry cup conversions, take a look at the article in the link below:

How much does a cup of raspberries weigh?

What Does a Punnet of Raspberries Weigh?

In greengrocers and some grocery stores, raspberries are usually sold loose at a certain cost per kilogram or pound.

Most grocery stores sell raspberries packaged up in a punnet of a specific weight which range between 125g to 250g (4.4-8.8oz) in weight (excluding packaging).

The number of raspberries in the pack will vary depending on the size of the raspberries.

Weight of Wild and Home-grown Raspberries

It’s worth noting that the figures on this page are related to shop or grocery store-bought raspberries which are grown in conditions that produce large and juicy fruit.

Where raspberries grow wild or in more unpredictable conditions the fruit tends to be smaller at around 2-4g (0.07- 0.14oz) per berry.

Raspberry Weight FAQs

How Many Raspberries are in 100g?

Based on an average-sized raspberry weight of 5g, there are around 20 raspberries in a 100g portion.

How Many Raspberries are in a Pound?

Based on an average raspberry size of 5g (0.18oz), there are around 89 raspberries in a pound.

How Many Raspberries are in an Ounce?

Based on an average raspberry size of 5g (0.18oz), there are around 6 raspberries in an ounce.