Lowest Carb Peanut Butter (UK Brands)

Peanut butter has rapidly become a diet staple for those who follow low-carb plans such as keto. But with so much choice on our supermarket shelves, it can be difficult to work out which fits best with your dietary requirements. I’ve collated all of the … Go to page

Best Supermarket Peanut Butter (UK Brands)

With food prices on the rise, more and more shoppers are turning to supermarket own-brand products to make savings on their weekly shopping. Supermarket brand products often have a bad reputation. In some cases, certain products do deserve this reputation because of the use of … Go to page

Zoodles Vs. Pasta – A Complete Comparison

Zoodles on the left and pasta on the right to show the difference

Zoodles, (also known as courgetti or zucchini spaghetti) are becoming increasingly popular with dieters and those who’re looking for low carb or low-calorie alternatives to everyday foods, but are they any good? In this article, I’ll be comparing zoodles head-to-head against pasta to find out … Go to page

Mayo Vs. Ketchup (What’s the difference?)

bowl of mayo on the left and ketchup on the right to show the difference

Mayo and ketchup are two very different condiments, but they’re both top of the list as the most popular sauces in various countries worldwide. Sauces as a topping or dip can add extra calories, fat, and sugar to our diets, so if you’re trying to … Go to page