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About Weigh School

Welcome to Weigh School! I’m Rachel, author, and creator of the site all about weighing food, ingredients, weight loss, diet testing, and reviews.

As the previous owner of food businesses, I’ve spent a lot of time weighing ingredients along with cooking from scratch.

These days I’m obsessed with researching and writing about the best diets, calorie counting, and finding the best foods to stay healthy.

Weighing food can be pretty tedious when you’re doing it day in day out and I noticed that although many calorie counters are great at giving you calorie info it can be difficult to work out what weight to input in the first place.

So, I wanted to put a resource together to provide readers with detailed information on food and drink weights and calories as a helpful resource for home cooks and those who are following a calorie-counted meal and diet plan.

I’ll also be testing and reviewing various diets so I can report back to you with my results and experiences.

My aim is to provide you with an ever-growing resource that will be constantly updated with new posts on weighing-related topics as well as helpful and motivating weight loss and diet info.

You can visit our homepage here to find categories relevant to you.

Relevant Qualifications

To provide you with the best and most accurate information, I have achieved the following qualifications:

Nutrition Diploma (level 5)

Food and Hygiene Certificate level 3 (including weights and measures standards)

Thank you for visiting Weigh School!