Mayo Vs. Ketchup (What’s the difference?)

bowl of mayo on the left and ketchup on the right to show the difference

Mayo and ketchup are two very different condiments, but they’re both top of the list as the most popular sauces in various countries worldwide. Sauces as a topping or dip can add extra calories, fat, and sugar to our diets, so if you’re trying to … Go to page

Hummus Vs. Peanut Butter (Which is Best?)

pot of hummus on left and jar of peanut butter on right to show difference

Hummus (or houmous, depending on how you want to spell it) are both highly popular snack and dip options that are both known for certain health benefits, but is one better than the other? In this article, I’ll be comparing hummus and peanut butter head-to-head … Go to page

Raw Carrots Vs. Cooked (What’s the Difference?)

We’re often told that raw vegetables are the healthiest option because they retain more nutrients than those which have been cooked. However, not everyone likes the texture of raw vegetables, especially carrots, which can be tougher to eat, so they opt for cooked instead, but … Go to page