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Broccoli Weights & Calories (Calculator and Charts)

In this article, I’ve put together easy-to-follow charts and a calculator so you can quickly work out weights and calories of various portions of broccoli, including weights per person for meal planning.

Broccoli Types and Weights

There are three main types of broccoli that you can buy in stores and supermarkets, these are whole broccoli heads, broccoli florets, and Tenderstem (as it’s known in the UK) or Broccolini (as it’s known in the USA).

I’ve done the research and weighed a large amount of different types of broccoli to work out average weights. The chart below shows the average weights of broccoli in grams and ounces:

Broccoli typeAverage Weight
Broccoli Head300-400g/10.6-14oz
Broccoli Floret20g/0.7oz per floret
Tenderstem Broccoli/Broccolini16g/0.6oz per stem

Because broccoli is a natural product, its worth noting that weights will vary and will also depend on the length of the stalk.

Broccoli Weight and Calorie Calculator

Use the calculator to work out weights and calories for your portion of broccoli or Tenderstem broccoli/Broccolini.

This calculator is based on an average broccoli floret weighing 20g/0.7oz each and a Tenderstem/Broccolini Stem weighing 16g/0.56oz per stem. Both types of broccoli contain the same amount of calories at 34kcal per 100g.

Broccoli Serving Weights

If you’re meal planning and you need to know how much broccoli you’ll need for your party size, then use the chart below to work out what you’ll need to buy.

The recommended serving size of broccoli per person is one US cup which weighs around 90g/3.17oz. This is also a good amount to serve as a generous broccoli side dish.

The chart below shows a quick guide to how much broccoli you will need to feed a party from one to 10 as a side dish. This chart is based on the trimmed floret weight, with any tough stalks removed.

Number of peopleTotal broccoli weight you will need

Broccoli Stalk Waste Weight

When you buy a head of broccoli, there’s always a waste element because the tough part of the stalk needs to be removed.

I weighed the waste part of a 375g head of broccoli after removing the florets and the waste amount was 200g, which meant only 175g of the head was useable.

It’s worth knowing how much of a broccoli head is waste if you need to work out how much broccoli you need to serve a certain amount of people.

What is a Head of broccoli?

The term ‘a head of broccoli’ is used to describe the top part of the broccoli stalk which if left would turn to flowers so the plant can seed.

The flower part of the plant is the part we eat and the tough stalk part is usually removed as waste.

This image shows an example of a head of broccoli.

image to show what a head of broccoli with stalk

Broccoli Weight and Calorie Chart

Use the chart below to find more broccoli weights and calories, these figures are based on broccoli containing 0.34kcal per gram and are applicable to both standard broccoli and Tenderstem/Broccolini.

Broccoli Serving SizeCalories (in kcal)

More Broccoli Weight FAQs

How much broccoli is in a kilogram?

An average broccoli floret weighs 20g/0.7oz, based on this information there are around 50 florets in a kilogram.

How much broccoli is in a pound?

An average broccoli floret weighs 20g/0.7oz, based on this information there are around 23 florets in a pound.

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