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Recommended Equipment

Just to let you know the products on this page have Amazon Associates affiliate links. We will receive a small commission for the recommendation however, we only link to quality products that we have tried – for more information please see our privacy policy.

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Measuring Equipment

Morgenhaan Lifetime Measuring Cups & Spoons

*Excellent gift

We love these measuring cups and spoons for their unique design and the fact they’re built to last a lifetime. With a selection of various-sized cups and spoons made with stainless steel that can be used for all kinds of tasks. They also make an excellent gift for someone who loves looking.

Pyrex Measuring Cups

Everyone needs a bit of Pyrex in their kitchen and this set of various-sized measuring cups are perfect for weighing a world of wet and dry ingredients. Pyrex is a trusted brand and these cups have a precise pouring feature which means they don’t drip or spill when poured. They are also easy to read which is a feature that can be lacking in some other similar products.

Kitchen Weighing Scales

Etekcity Luminary Digital Scale

*Waterproof & rechargeable

This scale is our favorite all-rounder low-budget product, that looks stylish in the kitchen and weighs up to 22lb/10kg. It’s waterproof and can be wiped clean as well as being able to handle spills that are inevitable in the kitchen. This scale also comes with the added bonus of a rechargeable battery that can be charged with a USB, so you won’t need to buy batteries or lose charge at a critical baking moment.

Greater Goods Nutrition Food Scale

*Unique design and features

The Greater Goods Nutrition Food Scale is an excellent option for those who weigh their ingredients to track calories, macros, and nutrition. With over 2000 foods pre-stored foods and the option to custom store your own entries. This is a precision scale with simple touch-sensitive buttons, making it easy to clean.

Etekcity Bowl Scale

*Best bowl scale

This scale is our top bowl scale choice and is multifunctional because it can be used with or without the bowl. It’s a precise scale that weighs up to 11lb, with a sleek and neat design compared to some other bowl scales which can be a little bulky. The etekcity bowl scale also comes with the added features of a timer and room temperature thermometer which can both be useful for the keen baker.

OXO Good Grips Food Scale

*Innovative design

If you’ve ever weighed something in a large bowl and can’t see the weight display, then this is the scale for you. This scale allows you to use a larger bowl because the display pulls out and away from the scale. You can also remove the display for hand washing. Although this is an excellent scale, it’s worth noting that it only weighs up to five pounds, so it may not be so good if you usually weigh in large volumes such as bulk bread making.

KitchenAid Duel Platform Scale

*Best multifunctional scale

If you’re a keen chef who needs to weigh with precision, this scale is a good option because it combines two scales into one. On one side is a general scale that weighs up to 11 pounds and on the other side is a precision scale that weighs from as little as 0.01g (and up to 16oz/1lb). You can also weigh two items at the same time and view both weights on the LCD displays.

Body Weight Scales

Etekcity Smart Scale For Body Weight

*Affordable and multifunctional

The Eteckcity Smart Scale is our top choice for a lower-budget body weight scale that is precise and has lots of tracking options. The scale links up to many weight-loss tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, and Samsung Health. You can also track BMI, body fat ratio, and muscle mass.

Etekcity Smart WiFi Body Fat Scale

*Multifunctional & precise

The Eteckcity Smart WiFi Body Fat Scale is an upgrade from the version above and comes with many added features. These features include; the ability to do a full biometric analysis, interactive display, consistent accuracy, and a pregnancy and baby mode. Perfect for the keen dieter who likes to track a world of stats throughout their weight-loss journey.

Greater Goods Digital Smart Scale

*US-based company

The Greater Goods Digital Smart Scale is a quality product that comes with a range of features to help you track a range of data including body weight, BMI, body fat, water weight, and bone mass. The scale can be linked up to a range of apps including the Greater Goods custom app. As well as all these features, it’s stylish and will look great in any bathroom.