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Carrot Weights & Calories (Including Servings Per Person)

In this article, I’ve put together easy-to-follow charts so you can quickly work out weights and calories of various portions of carrot, including weights per person for meal planning.

Carrot Size Categories and Weights

Carrots are a natural product that come in many sizes and varieties so weights can vary from a tiny Chantenay weighing 5g to an extra-large carrot weighing 200g plus.

To keep things as simple as possible, I’ve categorized them into three sizes, which are small (baby), medium, and large.

These sizes are averages and based on carrot weights in stores and supermarkets along with government carrot grading guidelines.

Carrot sizeAverage weight of one Carrot
Small (baby) CarrotUnder 50g/1.76oz
Medium Carrot50-72g/1.76oz-2.5oz
Large Carrotover 72g/2.5oz

Carrots are sold in various grades which are based on the diameter and quality of the vegetable. So a short, yet thick carrot can weigh more than a longer, thin one.

When you buy a lower grade bag of carrots, they tend to be a mix of sizes, whereas a higher grade bag will contain larger more uniform vegetables (like the ones you see in the image below).

How Much Does an Average Carrot Weigh?

I bought bags of carrots from the supermarket to get an average weight and found the following:

The average weight of a graded supermarket carrot is around 140g/4.9oz which falls into the category of a large carrot.

ConversionWeight of one
average carrot

How Much Carrot is in a Serving?

The recommended vegetable serving size, including carrots, is 80g/2.8oz per serving.

An 80g/2.8oz serving of carrots contains 32kcal.

The image shows what an 80g serving of carrot looks like:

Carrot Serving Weights

If you’re meal planning and you need to know how many carrots you’ll need for your party size, then use the chart below to work out what you’ll need to buy.

Because carrots don’t shrink in size when they’re cooked, an 80g/2.8oz serving is enough per person when served as a side dish.

Keep in mind that in most cases, carrots will need trimming and peeling so there will be some wastage.

This chart is based on an uncooked, peeled, and trimmed carrot weight.

Number of peopleTotal Carrot weight you will need
(peeled and trimmed weight)

Carrot Serving Weight Calculator

The calculator below can also help you to calculate more carrot serving weights depending on the number of people in your party.

This calculator is based on an average peeled and trimmed raw carrot weight of 80g/2.8oz per person.

How Much Does a Chantenay Carrot Weigh?

I weighed individual Chantenay carrots to get an average weight and found the following:

An average Chantenay carrot weighs an average of around 13g/0.46oz per carrot and contains 5 calories (in kcal).

image to show different sizes of Chantenay carrots

How Much Does a Cup of Carrots Weigh?

These figures are based on one US cup full of both grated and chopped in grams and ounces:

Carrot typeUS Cup Weight in g/oz

Carrot Peelings and Waste

In most cases, before you use carrots they will need trimming at both ends and peeling to remove the outer skin.

It can be useful to know the waste weight, so you can allow for this amount when meal planning or calorie calculating, so here is the information:

The peelings and trimmings from an average-sized (140g/4.9oz) carrot weigh around 40g/1.4oz. The peelings and trimmings from a small-medium carrot weigh around 20g/0.7oz.

Carrot Weight and Calorie Chart

Use the chart below to find more carrot weights and calories, these figures are based on an average-sized supermarket carrot weighing 140g (4.9oz) and containing 0.41kcal per gram (as per pack information).

Carrot Serving SizeAverage WeightCalories (in kcal)
1/4 carrot35g/1.23oz14
1/2 carrot70g/2.47oz29
3/4 carrot105g/3.7oz43
1 carrot140g/4.94oz57
2 carrots280g/9.88oz115
3 carrots420g/14.82oz172
4 carrots560g/1.23lb230
5 carrots700g/1.54lb287

Key Takeaways

  • Carrot Sizes and Weights: Carrots come in various sizes, from the small Chantenay at 5g to extra-large ones weighing over 200g. They are typically categorized into three sizes: small (baby), medium, and large.
  • Average Carrot Weight: A typical supermarket carrot weighs around 140g/4.9oz, placing it in the large category.
  • Recommended Serving Size: For dietary considerations, the suggested serving size for carrots is 80g/2.8oz, which contains 32kcal.
  • Carrot Serving Calculator: The article provides a tool to calculate carrot serving weights based on the number of servings, aiding in meal planning.
  • Carrot Waste Insights: Before consumption, carrots often require trimming and peeling. The average waste from an average-sized carrot is approximately 40g/1.4oz.

More Carrot Weight FAQs

How many carrots are in a kilogram?

An average supermarket carrot weighs around 140g/4.9oz, based on this information there are around 7 carrots in a kilogram.

How many carrots are in a pound?

An average supermarket carrot weighs around 140g/4.9oz, based on this information there are around 3 carrots in a pound.

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