Parsnip Weights & Calories (Including Servings Per Person)

In this article, I’ve put together easy-to-follow charts so you can quickly work out weights and calories of various portions of parsnips, including weights per person for meal planning.

Parsnip Size Categories and Weights

Because parsnips are a natural product, they vary in size, so to make it easy to work out portion sizes and weights, I’ve categorized them into three sizes, which are small (baby), medium, and large.

These sizes are averages and based on how parsnips are sold in supermarkets.

Parsnip sizeAverage weight of one parsnip
Small (baby) Parsnip50-100g/1.76-3.5oz
Medium Parsnip100-200g/3.5-7oz
Large Parsnip200-250g/7-8-8oz

How Much Does an Average Parsnip Weigh?

The mid-range weight of an average medium-sized parsnip is around 150g/5.29oz.

The following chart shows the converted weight of one parsnip in metric and imperial weights:

ConversionWeight of One
average parsnip

How Much Parsnip is in a Serving?

The recommended vegetable serving size, including parsnips, is 80g/2.8oz per serving.

An 80g/2.8oz serving of parsnips contains 60kcal.

If you need to plan a meal where parsnips are the side dish, see the next section on how many you’ll need for your meal.

Parsnip Serving Weights

If you’re meal planning and you need to know how many parsnips you’ll need for your party size, then use the chart below to work out what you’ll need to buy.

Although the recommended vegetable serving size is 80g/2.8oz, if you’re making a roast dinner or large meal where parsnips are a side dish, I would allow for 125g/4.4oz per person.

Keep in mind that in most cases, parsnips will need trimming and peeling so there will be some wastage.

This chart is based on an uncooked weight and allows for shrinkage during cooking.

Number of peopleParsnip weight you will need
(peeled and trimmed weight)

Parsnip Serving Weight Calculator

The calculator below can also help you to calculate more parsnip serving weights depending on the number of people in your party.

This calculator is based on an average peeled and trimmed raw parsnip weight of 125g/4.4oz per person.

Parsnip Peelings and Waste

In most cases, before you use parsnips they will need trimming at both ends and peeling to remove the outer skin.

It can be useful to know the waste weight, so you can allow for this amount when meal planning or calorie calculating, so here is the information:

Depending on the size of the parsnip, there will be a wastage amount of around 25-45g/0.9-1.6oz per parsnip.

Parsnip Weight and Calorie Chart

Use the chart below to find more parsnip weights and calories, these figures are based on an average medium-sized parsnip weighing 150g (5.3oz) and containing 0.75kcal per gram (as per USDA).

Parsnip Serving SizeAverage WeightCalories (in kcal)
1/4 parsnip38g/1.34oz29
1/2 parsnip75g/2.65oz56
3/4 parsnip113g/4oz85
1 parsnip150g/5.3oz113
2 parsnips300g/10.58oz225
3 parsnips450g/15.87oz338
4 parsnips600g/1.32lb450
5 parsnips750g/1.65lb563

More Parsnip Weight FAQs

How many Parsnips are in a Kilogram?

An average medium-sized parsnip weighs around 150g/5.6oz, based on this information there are around 7 parsnips in a kilogram.

How Many Parsnips are in a Pound?

An average medium-sized parsnip weighs around 150g/5.6oz, based on this information there are around 3 parsnips in a pound.

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