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Strawberry Weights (Conversions & Calculator)

Use this page to help you to calculate the weights and calories of any serving size or portion of fresh (raw) strawberries.

The easy-to-use calculator and charts below will help you to calculate both cooking weight conversions and calorie amounts depending on what you need.

How Much Does A Strawberry Weigh?

As a natural product, strawberry weights can vary depending on the conditions they’re grown in, and where you get them from.

As a general rule, an average small strawberry weighs 7g, a medium strawberry weighs 12g, a large strawberry weighs 18g and an extra large strawberry weighs about 27g.

The table below shows the average weight of a strawberry, based on small, medium, large, and extra-large fruit sizes, along with conversions for metric and imperial weights:

Strawberry SizeMeasurementWeight
Small(1″ dia)7g / 0.25oz
Medium(1-1/4″ dia)12g / 0.42oz
Large(1-3/8″ dia)18g / 0.63oz
Extra large(1-5/8″ dia)27g / 0.95oz

Strawberry Weight Conversion Calculator

The calculator below will help you quickly convert the weight of any serving of strawberries (based on size).

Choose your strawberry size and input the amount to get started:

If you need to calculate strawberry calories, use the calculator in the link below:

Strawberry calorie calculator

small medium and large strawberries

It’s not unusual to find extra-large strawberries, especially if you pick or grow your own. In some cases, these can be almost as big as the palm of your hand and can weigh as much as 50-60g (1.8-2.1oz) per berry.

How Many Strawberries are in a Serving?

The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) serving of strawberries is 147g (5.2oz).

A serving of this size contains 47 calories (in Kcal) and is equal to about five and a half extra large strawberries, eight large strawberries, 12 medium, or 21 small.

Strawberry Weights Per Cup

A US cupful of whole strawberries contains around 12 individual medium-sized berries and weighs around 144g (5oz).

If your strawberries are halved, sliced, or pureed, here are the average weights per cup:

  • One cup of halved strawberries = 152g / 5.4oz
  • One cup of sliced strawberries = 166g / 5.9oz
  • One cup of pureed strawberries = 232g / 8.2oz
image to show a cup of srawberries

For much more information on strawberry cup weight conversions, take a look at the article in the link below:

How much does a cup of strawberries weigh?

Strawberry Weight Conversion Charts

Individual Strawberry Weights

The chart below will help you convert individual strawberry amounts to a weight based on an average small strawberry weighing 7g, a medium strawberry weighing 12g, and a large strawberry weighing 18g.

If you need a value that doesn’t appear in the chart, use the calculator above instead.

Number of
Small strawberry
average weight
Medium strawberry
average weight
Large strawberry
average weight
17g / 0.25oz12g / 0.42oz18g / 0.63oz
214g / 0.49oz24g / 0.85oz36g / 1.27oz
321g / 0.74oz36g / 1.27oz54g / 1.9oz
428g / 0.99oz48g / 1.69oz72g / 2.54oz
535g / 1.23oz60g / 2.1oz90g / 3.17oz
642g / 1.48oz72g / 2.54oz108g / 3.8oz
749g / 1.73oz84g / 2.96oz126g / 4.44oz
856g / 1.98oz96g / 3.39oz144g / 5.08oz
963g / 2.22oz108g / 3.81oz162g / 5.7oz
1070g / 2.47oz120g / 4.23oz180g / 6.35oz

Whole Strawberries Per Cup

The table below will help you to convert strawberry measurements in cups to metric and imperial weights. Please note – this is based on average whole strawberry weights and they may vary slightly if the strawberries are very small or large.

Number of cups of
whole strawberries
Conversion weight
in metric (grams & kilos)
Conversion weight
in imperial (ounces & pounds)
1/4 cup36g / 0.036kg1.3oz / 0.08lb
1/3 cup48g / 0.048kg1.7oz / 0.1lb
1/2 cup72g / 0.072kg2.5oz / 0.16lb
3/4 cup108g / 0.1kg3.8oz / 0.24lb
1 cup144g / 0.14kg5.1oz / 0.32lb
2 cups288g / 0.29kg10.2oz / 0.63lb
3 cups432g / 0.43kg15.2oz / 0.95lb
4 cups576g / 0.58kg20.3oz / 1.27lb
5 cups720g / 0.72kg25.4oz / 1.59lb
6 cups864g / 0.86kg30.5oz / 1.9lb
7 cups1008g / 1kg35.6oz / 2.22lb
8 cups1152g / 1.15kg40.6oz / 2.54lb
9 cups1296g / 1.3kg45.7oz / 2.86lb
10 cups1440g / 1.44kg50.8oz / 3.17lb

Weight of a Strawberry Hull/Stalk

If you need to work out the weight of the part of a strawberry that you don’t use, here’s the information:

The hull and stalk part of the strawberry (which connects it to the plant) weighs around 1.5-2g (0.05-0.07oz) per fruit.

strawberry hull on a scale to show how much the waste part of a strawberry weighs

Strawberry Weight FAQs

How many strawberries are in a pound?

Using an average medium-sized strawberry weight of 12g (0.42oz), there are around 38 strawberries in a pound.

How many strawberries are in a kilogram?

Using an average middle-sized strawberry weight of 12g (0.42oz), there are around 83 strawberries in a kilogram.

How many strawberries are in 100g?

Using an average middle-sized strawberry weight of 12g (0.42oz), there are around 8 strawberries in a 100g serving.

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To ensure the nutritional information used in this article is accurate, I have used data from USDA FoodData Central; the links below contain the source information:

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