Strawberry Weights & Calories (Conversions & Charts)

Use this page to help you to calculate the weights and calories of any serving size or portion of fresh strawberries.

The easy-to-use calculator and charts below will help you to calculate both cooking weight conversions and calorie amounts depending on what you need.

Strawberry Calculator

The calculator below will help you to quickly calculate the weight and calories of your portion of strawberries.

The values in this calculator are based on an average weight of a medium-sized strawberry which weighs 15g (0.53oz). Because strawberries are a natural product that varies in size, so you might need to increase or decrease these values to get a more accurate result.

See the chart below to find out more about the difference in weight between a small, medium, and large strawberry.

I have also used the assumption that the average medium strawberry contains 5 calories (kcal) (as per My FitnessPal).

The Average Weight of a Strawberry

As a natural product, strawberry weights can vary depending on the conditions they’re grown in, and where you get them from.

The table below shows the average weight of a strawberry, based on small, medium, and large fruit sizes, along with conversions for metric and imperial weights:

Average Weight of a
Small Strawberry
Average Weight of a
Medium Strawberry
Average Weight of a
Large Strawberry
5-10g10-20g20g plus
0.18-0.35oz0.35-0.7oz0.7oz plus
0.005-0.01kg0.01-0.02kg0.02kg plus
small medium and large strawberries

It’s not unusual to find extra-large strawberries, especially if you pick or grow your own. In some cases, these can be almost as big as the palm of your hand and can weigh as much as 50-60g (1.8-2.1oz) per berry.

How Many Strawberries are in a Portion?

There are around 7 average-sized strawberries in a portion or serving, this is equal to a handful of berries.

Using an average weight of 15g (0.53oz) for a medium-sized strawberry, a portion of 7 berries weighs around 105g (3.7oz) and contains around 105kcal.

How Much Does a Cup of strawberries Weigh

I did the research and measured cupfuls of both whole and chopped strawberries, and found out the following:

A US cupful of whole strawberries contains around 8 individual medium-sized berries and weighs around 120g (4.2oz).

A US cupful of chopped medium-sized berries is equal to 10 whole berries and weighs around 150g (5.3oz).

image to show a cup holds 8 whole strawberries

Strawberry Weight & Calorie Chart

The conversion table below shows more strawberry serving sizes to help you quickly work out the weight and calories for your portion.

This chart is based on the assumption that an average medium-sized strawberry weighs around 15g (0.53oz) and each berry contains 5 calories (kcal).

Strawberry serving size
Average weight
(in grams and ounces)
Average calories
(in kcal)
1 berry15g/0.53oz5
2 berries30g/1.06oz10
3 berries45g/1.59oz15
4 berries (half a serving)60g/2.12oz20
5 berries75g/2.65oz25
6 berries90g/3.17oz30
7 berries105g/3.7oz35
8 berries (one serving)120g/4.23oz40
9 berries135g/4.76oz45
10 berries150g/5.29oz50

Wheight of a Strawberry Hull/Stalk

If you need to work out the weight of the part of a strawberry that you don’t use, here’s the information:

The hull and stalk part of the strawberry (which connects it to the plant) weighs around 1.5-2g (0.05-0.07oz) per fruit.

strawberry hull on a scale to show how much the waste part of a strawberry weighs

Strawberry Weight FAQ’s

How many strawberries are in a pound?

Using an average middle-sized strawberry weight of 15g (0.53oz), there are around 30 strawberries in a pound.

How many strawberries are in a kilogram?

Using an average middle-sized strawberry weight of 15g (0.53oz), there are around 67 strawberries in a kilogram.

How many strawberries are in 100g?

Using an average middle-sized strawberry weight of 15g (0.53oz), there are around 7 strawberries in a 100g serving.

Equipment and Information Used for This Article

I used precision scales that weigh to 0.01 of a gram which is regularly calibrated with a 100g weight. For more information see my recommended weighing scales here.

To make sure the information in this article is accurate, I researched and cross-referenced various sources (as well as original research) to obtain the correct weights and calories.

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