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Uncooked Rice To Cooked Weight Calculator (Quick & Easy)

In this article, you can quickly calculate how much any serving of rice will weigh when it’s cooked, and you can also convert cooked weights back to uncooked.

I’ll also show you the ratio behind this calculator and how we know how much rice will weigh once it’s cooked.

Uncooked To Cooked Rice Calculator

The calculator below will help you convert uncooked to cooked rice weights and vice versa; this will work for most kinds of white rice, including long grain, basmati, and jasmine. It will also work with the absorption or traditional methods where excess water must be drained before serving.

Input your rice type (cooked or cooked) and weight preference (grams, ounces, or cups) to get started.

If you measure in ounces or cups, use a decimal figure rather than a fraction, for example, 1.5 cups, not 1 1/2 cups).

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The data in this calculator is based on average weight increases during cooking due to water absorption. However, please note that figures might differ slightly depending on the type of rice and how long you cook it. Read on to learn more about the science behind converting uncooked to cooked rice weights.

How To Convert Uncooked Rice Weights To Cooked

Calculating uncooked to cooked rice weights is not an exact science because it will vary due to certain variables like the type of rice and how long it’s cooked. Still, we can estimate a figure based on a fairly accurate average.

We have experimented with and tested various kinds of rice to get an average formula that can be used to quickly work out the average increase in weight when rice is cooked, and here are the results:

When you cook dry rice in boiling water, it will increase in weight by around three times the original weight.

For example, if you have 100g of dry rice, you can expect it to increase in weight to 300g once cooked (100g x 3 = 300g).

You can use this formula to calculate the average cooked weight of any uncooked white rice and convert cooked rice back to the dry weight.

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