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Rice Calorie Calculator (Various Types)

This article provides a handy rice calorie calculator and a comparative analysis of various rice types, including white, brown, jasmine, and wild rice. The calculator, based on dry rice values, assists in determining the calorie content per serving. Additionally, the article showcases a table illustrating the subtle calorie differences among rice types, averaging around 350kcal per 100g of dry rice, and discusses portion sizes and their caloric values.

Rice Calorie Calculator

You can use this calculator to work the calorie content (in kcal) for various kinds of rice, including white, brown (whole grain), jasmine risotto, and wild rice.

Input your rice type and dry weight in grams to get started:

This calculator is based on dry rice values to ensure the data returned is accurate. If you need to convert from dry to cooked weights, you can use the calculator via the link below.

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Rice Calories Per 100g (Various Types)

The table below shows the differences in calories per 100g of rice for various kinds. As you can see, there is little difference in calories between each type, with the average value being around 350kcal per 100 dry rice.

100g of dry rice is considered a large portion, and once cooked, it will weigh around 300g due to water absorption. A regular portion of rice weighs 75g, contains 263kcal, and will weigh around 225g once cooked.

Rice TypeCalories Per 100g (dry weight)
Long-grain white rice348kcal
Basmati rice351kcal
Jasmine rice349kcal
Brown (whole grain) rice351kcal
Risotto rice (Arborio)348kcal
Wild rice360kcal