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Dry To Cooked Pasta Calculator (Quick & Easy)

In this article, you can quickly calculate how much your pasta serving will weigh once cooked and even convert cooked weights back to dry.

I’ll also show you how to convert dry to cooked pasta weights and how to work out how much pasta you’ll need if you’re cooking for more than one person.

Pasta Calculator (Dry To Cooked)

The calculator below will help you to calculate the following pasta weight conversions:

  • Dry to cooked pasta weights (any serving size)
  • Cooked to dry pasta weights (any serving size)

Input your pasta type (dry or cooked) and the weight of your portion (in grams) to get started:

The data in this calculator is based on average weight increases during cooking due to water absorption and will work for any shape of dry pasta. However, please note that figures might differ slightly depending on the type of pasta and how long you cook it. See below for more information on converting dry to cooked pasta weights.

cooked pasta tubes being poured into a bowl

How To Convert Dry Pasta To Cooked

Calculating the dry to cooked weight of pasta is not an exact science because it will vary due to certain variables like ingredients, shape, and cooking time, but it can be estimated to get a figure that is fairly accurate.

The increase in weight that you see when pasta is cooked is due to water absorption, and the longer you cook pasta, the more water it will absorb until it can’t absorb anymore. For the purpose of working out an average increase, we’re basing this on pasta that is cooked but not overcooked.

I have researched before and after cooking weights using many variables to get an average formula that can be used to quickly work out the average increase in weight when pasta is cooked, and here are the results:

When you cook dry pasta in boiling water, it will increase in weight by around 2 – 2.5 times the original weight, with the average increase being 2.25 times the original or an increase of 125%.

For example, if you have 100g of dried pasta, you can expect it to increase in weight to 225g once cooked (100 x 2.25 = 225g).

You can use this formula to work out the average cooked weight of any dried pasta and convert cooked pasta back to a dried weight.

How Much Pasta Per Person?

If you need to work out how much pasta to serve more than one person, a family, or a large group, the calculator below will help you work out how much pasta you need to feed a group of any size. It will also convert to or from grams to ounces and show before and after cooking weights.

Select a serving size (small, medium, or large) to continue:

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