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Top 10 Lowest Calorie Bread (Brands Compared)

When it comes to dieting or calorie counting, bread can be one of our biggest downfalls.

Many people think that bread is high-calorie and should be avoided, which in some cases is true, but there are many lower-calorie options out there if you choose the right one.

Some slices of bread contain around half or less than half the calories of a higher-calorie alternative and are just as tasty, meaning bread can still be a part of your diet without breaking the calorie bank.

The lowest-calorie bread is generally sold as a low-calorie option, such as Hovis Nimble or a Danish Loaf. Other good low-calorie options are small thin-sliced wholemeal or crustless loaves.

Read on to find out the top ten lowest-calorie sliced which are available to buy in most British Supermarkets, so you can make the most of your calories and still enjoy a tasty sandwich!

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Lowest Calorie Bread Per Slice- By Brand

The charts below show the lowest calorie bread per slice, that is available to buy in most supermarkets in the UK (lowest first).

Where bread might be the lowest calorie, it might not be the healthiest because it doesn’t contain much fiber, or it might be relatively high in sugar, so I’ve also included carbohydrates and fiber information in each chart.

1 – Kingsmill Wholemeal No Crusts (400g loaf)

Kingsmill Wholemeal No Crusts is the lowest-calorie bread on this list, although it’s not actually marketed as a low-calorie bread.

With each slice weighing 22g and the absence of crusts, this makes it a lighter option which is also the lowest in carbs.

With two slices coming in at 90kcal, you can half your calorie intake in bread and still enjoy a tasty sandwich.

Calories Per Slice45kcal
Weight Per Slice22g
Calories Per 100g205kcal
Carbohydrates per slice7.3g
Fiber per Slice1.2g

2 – Warburtons Milk Roll (400g loaf)

Warburtons Milk Roll is a low-calorie option because each slice is so light, but not necessarily the lowest per 100g.

If you’re calorie counting, but can’t live without a white slice, then you can make a small sandwich for half the calories of a large slice with Warburtons Milk Roll.

Calories Per Slice46kcal
Weight Per Slice18.4g
Calories Per 100g248kcal
Carbohydrates per slice8.3g
Fiber per Slice0.4g

3- Kingsmill No Crusts 50/50 (400g loaf)

Just like the wholemeal version at the top of the list, the 50/50 no crusts version is also an excellent low-calorie option at 47kcal per slice.

The wholemeal version contains more fiber than the 50/50, but it’s still a better option than a white slice.

Calories Per Slice47kcal
Weight Per Slice22g
Calories Per 100g212kcal
Carbohydrates per slice8.5g
Fiber per Slice0.9g

4 – Hovis Nimble Wholemeal (400g loaf)

Hovis Nimble is marketed as a low-calorie bread it’s low in sugar and fat, and calories at only 50kcal per slice.

Nimble is also a good option if you’re trying to keep your carb intake low, but you can’t quite give up bread completely.

Calories Per Slice50kcal
Weight Per Slice22g
Calories Per 100g226kcal
Carbohydrates per slice8.1g
Fiber per Slice1.5g

5 – Warburtons Wholemeal Bread (400g loaf)

A small loaf of Warburtons wholemeal bread contains 55kcal per slice and has the added benefit of ‘no added sugar’.

Calories Per Slice55kcal
Weight Per Slice23.8g
Calories Per 100g231kcal
Carbohydrates per slice9g
Fiber per Slice1.5g

6 – Warburtons Danish Wholemeal Bread (400g loaf)

Warburtons Danish loaves are Warburton’s version of a low-calorie loaf and the wholemeal version is also high in fibre at 1.7g per slice.

You also get a bit more bread for your calories, at 25.8g per slice compared to Nimble at 22g, meaning you’ll stay fuller for longer.

Calories Per Slice55kcal
Weight Per Slice25.8g
Calories Per 100g239kcal
Carbohydrates per slice8.7g
Fiber per Slice1.7g

7 – Warburtons Danish White Bread (400g loaf)

The white version of the Warburtons Danish loaf is still low calorie at 62kcal per slice, but doesn’t contain as much fibre as the wholemeal version and is higher in carbs.

Calories Per Slice62kcal
Weight Per Slice25.8g
Calories Per 100g239kcal
Carbohydrates per slice11.9kcal
Fiber per Slice0.5g

8 – Hovis Wholemeal Bread (400g loaf)

A small loaf of Hovis Wholemeal bread contains only 64kcal per slice, it’s low in sugar and contains the highest amount of fibre per slice when compared to other bread in this list.

Calories Per Slice64kcal
Weight Per Slice29g
Calories Per 100g221kcal
Carbohydrates per slice11g
Fiber per Slice2g

9 – Warburtons Farmhouse White Bread (400g loaf)

A small loaf of Warburtons Farmhouse white bread is not the healthiest, but if you need a white bread fix, a slice of Farmhouse only contains 66kcal because it’s a smaller slice, when compared to the 800g loaf version which contains 104kcal per slice.

Calories Per Slice66kcal
Weight Per Slice27g
Calories Per 100g245kcal
Carbohydrates per slice12.2g
Fiber per Slice0.6g

10 – Kingsmill 50/50 (400g loaf)

The final bread in the list is Kingsmill 50/50 from a 400g loaf which contains 68kcal per slice. If you prefer 50/50 bread, then this is a good low-calorie option.

Calories Per Slice68kcal
Weight Per Slice29g
Calories Per 100g236kcal
Carbohydrates per slice12.2g
Fiber per Slice1.4g


In conclusion, the lowest calorie breads come from a small 400g loaf rather than a large 800g loaf which are generally higher in calories.

Opting for a thin-sliced wholemeal loaf is the best option if you’re counting calories and it contains more fiber than white bread too.

Crustless bread is a good option because its the lighter part of the bread, making it lower in calories, as is bread which has no added sugar.

More Bread Slice Calorie FAQs

Which is the Healthiest Low-Calorie Bread?

The healthiest Low-Calorie Bread option is one that is low in sugar and salt and contains a good amount of dietary fiber per slice. An example of this would be a small wholemeal loaf that includes the whole grain, such as Hovis or Warburtons 400g wholemeal loaves.

What is the Lowest Calorie Bread you can Buy?

The lowest calorie bread you can buy in the UK is thinly sliced wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf, such as Kingsmill Wholemeal No Crusts, which contains only 45kcal per slice.

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