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How Much Does a Smartie Weigh (With Multiples & Calories)

Nestle Smarties have been a favorite with kids (and adults) for decades, with their smooth chocolate inside surrounded by a crispy shell – what’s not to like?

In short, one single Nestle Smartie (chocolate version) weighs just over 1g each at around 1.15g per sweet, this may vary slightly by 0.01g per sweet.

Read on to find out all the information you need to know on Smartie weights for various amounts, including conversions and calories per serving (for various serving sizes).

Weight of One Smartie (in Grams and Ounces)

Here’s the visual weight of one Smartie along with the conversion weight between grams and ounces.

Weight ValueOne Smartie
weight of one smartie

Smarties Weight and Calorie Calculator

Use the calculator below to work out the weight and calories for specific portion sizes of Smarties, based on an average weight and calorie value per Smartie.

How Many Smarties are in a Tube?

There are currently 32 Smarties in a standard-sized tube of Nestle Smarties and this amount is consistent for each tube.

One tube is classed as two servings in terms of recommended amounts of calories/sugar intake.

Smarties tube

What is the Weight of One Standard Tube of Smarties?

The weight of one standard tube of Smarties containing 32 sweets is 38g (1.3oz) without the tube.

I tipped out a full tube of Smarties and weighed them with some precision scales and they came to just over 38g at 38.15g.

How many calories are in a (38g)Tube of Smarties?

According to the pack, There are 182 calories (Kcal) in a 38g tube of Smarties containing 32 Smarties, 24.4g of which are sugars.

The pack guidance confirms that one 38g pack is equal to two servings of Smarties.

weight of one tube of smarties

Weight and Calories of Half a Tube of Smarties

The recommended serving amount of Smarties is half a pack (which is equal to 16 sweets) that weigh around 19.3g (0.68oz) in total.

Half a pack of Smarties or one serving of 16 sweets is equal to 91 calories (kcal).

weight of half a tube of smarties

Smarties Weight Conversion Chart (for Multiple Sweets)

The chart below shows the weights for individual Smarties, so you can work out the weight you need.

This is based on one Smartie weighing 1.15g and figures being rounded up or down to the nearest 0.01g.

Amount of

Smarties Calorie Chart (for Multiple Sweets)

This chart will help you to work out the calories for various amounts of Nestle Smarties (of all colors).

This is based on calorie information taken from the pack stating 16 Smarties are equal to 91 calories, which means that one Smartie contains 6 calories (rounded up to the nearest 1).

Amount of
Calories (kcal)
Half a 38g pack
(16 Smarties)
Full 38g pack182

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