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How Much Do Skittles Weigh? (With Charts)

Skittles, a popular candy, vary in weight depending on the type and packaging. An individual Skittle weighs approximately 1.062g, while pack weights range from 20g fun-size bags to 1.16kg bulk bags. The article provides detailed charts and breakdowns, aiding in understanding portion sizes and calorie counts.

A single standard Fruit Skittle weighs approximately 1.1g. For more details on pack and serving sizes, as well as calorie counts per portion, continue reading.

Weight of One Skittle (in Grams and Ounces)

Here’s the visual weight of one Skittle along with the conversion weight between grams and ounces:

Weight ValueOne Skittle
Weight of a single skittle

Weight of a Bag of Skittles

The table below shows the main Skittles pack sizes for various flavors and types which are available to buy separately or as multipacks:

Skittles pack typeWhole Pack Content weight
Skittles Fruit
small bag
45g (1.6oz)
Skittles Fruit/sour
family pack
196g (6.9oz)
Skittles Fruit
‘more to share’ pouch
350g (12.3oz)
Skittles Fruit
Fun-size bag (sold in a 10 pack)
18g (0.6oz) per fun-size bag
Skittles Fruit/Sour/
pouch bag
152g (5.4oz)
Skittles Fruit Giants
pouch bag
141g (5oz)
Skittles Fruit Giants
family pack
170g (6oz)

How Many Skittles are in a Pack?

I did the research and counted the number of Skittles in a small (one serving pack) and a family pack and here are the results:

Small (45g) Pack

I counted 41 individual Skittles in a 45g snack bag of Skittles. This confirms that the individual weight of 1.1g is correct because 41 times 1.1g equals 45g.

Family (196g) Pack

The total amount of skittles in a 196g family pack is around 178 Skittles (this might vary by one or two per pack because each skittle weighs a slightly different amount).

Image of family and single pack of skittles

Skittle Weight Conversion Chart (for Multiple Sweets)

If you need to know the weight of multiple Skittles, then the table below gives this information in both grams and ounces:

Amount of

Skittle Calorie Chart (for various serving sizes)

Below are the calorie figures for various servings of Skittles, so you can find the figures you need. These figures are based on a standard fruit Skittle weighing 1.1g each and using the following calorie assumption:

A 45g bag contains 41 Skittles and the pack information confirms this amount is 179kcal, so to find the calories of an individual Skittle I divided 179 by 41 which gives a figure of 4.4kcal per Skittle. Calories are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Skittle Portion SizeCalories (kcal)
1 Skittle4
5 Skittles22
10 Skittles44
20 Skittles88
30 Skittles132
45g bag179
Half a 45g bag90
Family pack (196kcal)780
49g Serving Size195
Fun-size bag (18g)72

Giant Skittle Weights

I weighed individual Giant Skittles to get an average weight per skittle and found the following:

The average weight of one Giant Skittle is 3.15g/0.11oz and each one contains 13 calories (in kcal).

Giant Skittle Weight and Calorie Chart

For more Giant Skittle weights and calories, take a look at the table below. These figures are based on one Giant Skittle weighing an average of 3.15g/0.11oz and using the assumption that each gram contains 4.12kcal.

Number of Giant SkittlesWeight (in grams & ounces)Calories per serving (in kcal)

More Skittle FAQ’s

How Many Skittles Are in a Pound?

Based on an individual skittle weighing 0.039oz, in a whole pound, there would be around 410 skittles.

How Many Skittles are in a 200g Bag?

The average Skittle weighs 1.1g, so based on this amount, there would be around 182 individual Skittles in 200g.

How Many Giant Skittles are in a Bag?

You can expect to find around 54 Giant Skittles in a 170g/6oz pouch bag.

Equipment and Information Used for Precision Weights

I used precision scales that weigh to 0.01 of a gram which is regularly calibrated with a 100g weight. For more information see my recommended weighing scales here.

To make sure the information in this article is accurate, I researched and cross-referenced various sources (as well as original research) to obtain the correct weights and calories.

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