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Birds Eye Chicken Dippers Weights, Calories & Servings

In this article, I’ll show you everything you need to know about Birds Eye Chicken Dipper weights, serving sizes, and calories.

Including; weights and calories for individual chicken dippers and multiple amounts – also, try our calculator to quickly work out weights and calories for any serving of dippers.

How Much Does a Birds Eye Chicken Dipper Weigh?

Chicken dippers all vary in weight slightly because some have more batter than others, so to get the most accurate weight for any chicken dipper, I’ve used an average figure from a bulk amount of dippers.

The average weight of one Birds Eye Chicken Dipper is 18.3g (0.65oz) per dipper (based on an uncooked weight).

This figure is based on an uncooked weight; it’s important to note there may be a small amount of weight loss when chicken dippers are cooked due to evaporation; however, calories will remain the same.

Weight Table

The table below shows more Birds Eye Chicken Dipper conversion weights for various serving sizes based on an average weight of 18.3g (0.65oz) per dipper.

Birds Eye Chicken Dipper Serving SizeWeight in GramsWeight in Ounces
1 dipper18.3g0.65oz
2 dippers36.6g1.29oz
3 dippers54.9g1.94oz
4 dippers73.2g2.58oz
5 dippers91.5g3.23oz
6 dippers109.8g3.87oz
7 dippers128.1g4.52oz
8 dippers146.4g5.16oz
9 dippers164.7g5.8oz
10 dippers183g6.46oz
11 dippers201.3g7.1oz
12 dippers220g7.76oz

Birds Eye Chicken Dipper Calculator

Use the calculator below to work out the average weights and calories of any serving size of Birds Eye Chicken Dippers.

This calculator is based on an average weight of 18.3g (0.65oz) per dipper and that each dipper contains 46.8kcal.

Enter the number of dippers in your serving to begin:

How Many Birds Eye Chicken Dippers are in a Serving?

The recommended serving size of Birds Eye Chicken Dippers (based on pack information) is five dippers per serving.

A serving (cooked) of this size weighs an average of 91.5g (3.22oz) and contains 234 calories (in kcal) per portion.

Birds Eye Chicken Dipper Calorie Chart

The table below shows the calories for various servings of Birds Eye Chicken Dippers.

For information – I calculated the calorie value of one dipper using pack information which confirms that 5 dippers contain 234kcal, so 234 divided by 5 is 46.8kcal per cooked dipper.

Birds Eye Chicken Dipper Serving SizeCalories Per Serving
1 dipper47kcal
2 dippers94kcal
3 dippers140kcal
4 dippers187kcal
5 dippers234kcal
6 dippers281kcal
7 dippers328kcal
8 dippers374kcal
9 dippers421kcal
10 dippers468kcal
11 dippers515kcal
12 dippers562kcal
13 dippers608kcal
14 dippers655kcal
15 dippers702kcal

Birds Eye Chicken Dipper Pack Sizes

Birds Eye Chicken Dippers are sold in various pack sizes; the table below shows the pack sizes you can buy and how many servings there are for each pack size (based on the recommended serving size of five dippers per person).

Birds Eye Chicken Dippers Pack WeightDippers Per PackServings Per Pack

More Birds Eye Chicken Dipper FAQ’s

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Birds Eye Chicken Dipper calories, weights, and servings, in case there’s anything else you need to know:

How many carbs are in a Birds Eye Chicken Dipper?

There are 20g of carbs in a serving of five Birds Eye Chicken Dippers, which means there are 4g of carbs in an average single dipper, 0.12g of which are sugars.

How many calories are in 12 Birds Eye Chicken Dippers?

An average chicken dipper contains 46.8 calories (in kcal) per dipper; this means there are 562 calories in 12 dippers.

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