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How Much do Pringles Weigh?

With the Pringles brand expanding into more and more styles and flavors, they’re one of our favorite crispy snacks.

If you can’t resist a Pringle and like me find it difficult to stop eating the whole pack once you’ve opened them, then you might find this article helpful to find out how many Pringles you’re consuming in terms of weight, serving sizes, and calories.

In the UK, a standard Pringle pack typically weighs 200g/7oz per tube, while in the US, it’s 156g/5.5oz. Pringles also come in 40g/1.4oz snack pots for on-the-go enjoyment.

Read on to find out all of the Pringle weight and calorie information you need in converted weights for pack sizes, varieties, and servings, along with charts and visual guides.

Pringles chips image and tube

How Many Grams and Ounces are in Pringles (Various Pack Sizes)

The chart below shows weight conversions for the full pack net weight (excluding the pack weight).

If you need weights per serving or specific amounts then head onto the next section for this information.

Pringle Variety
full pack
Weight in GramsWeight in Ounces
Standard Pringle
tube/can (UK & US)
(Various Flavours)
200g UK
156g US
7oz (UK)
5.5oz US
Pringles Pop & Go
Snack-size can (UK)
Pringles Sizzl’n
various flavors (UK)
Pringles New
Flavors* (UK)
Pringles Wavy
various flavors (US)
Pringles Scorchin (US)149g5.2oz
Pringles Rice
Fusion (UK)
Pringles Tortilla
Chips (UK)
Pringles Lightly salted
& reduced-fat (US)

*There are some new Pringles flavors including Piri Piri chicken and sweet chili chicken which are sold in a slightly smaller 180g pack when compared to other standard flavors.

There are many Pringle weight variations in countries all over the world, if you need specific information for weights in your country visit the Pringle Website here.

How Many Pringles are in a Serving?

As with most foods and especially those higher in fat and sugar, there’s generally a recommended serving amount.

The recommended amount of Pringles per serving is 30g (1.1oz), which means that in a standard 200g (7oz) can there are around six and a half servings. A 30g (1.1oz) serving of Pringles contains around 14 individual crisps/chips.

How Much Does One Pringle Weigh?

I weighed a number of individual Pringles from a standard pack, including original and flavored using precise scales and I found the following:

The average individual Pringle chip taken from a standard pack weighs just over 2g at 2.2g (0.08oz).

If you want to be very precise, the weights do fluctuate very slightly by one or two 0.01g and flavored Pringles weighed in slightly higher at an average of 2.4g, but either way, if you’re rounding the figure to the nearest gram it would be 2g.

How Many Pringles are in a Tube/Can?

To work out weights and servings it can be useful to know how many items are in a full pack.

I counted all of the Pringle Chips in a 200g (7oz) tube and it contained 96 Pringles in total which is equal to 6.7 servings of 30g.

This figure will vary for different pack sizes, but a quick way to work out an average figure is by dividing the pack weight by the individual pack weight. For example, an average standard Pringle weighs 2.2g and the pack weighs 160g, so this would mean the pack should contain around 73 chips.

Pringle Serving Sizes and Weights

The chart below shows various serving sizes and how much the specific serving should weigh based on that amount.

To keep things simple, I’ve based this on standard chips weighing an average of 2.2g which are available in various flavors from most stores. I’ve also rounded the number of chips to the nearest whole number.

Pringle Serving SizeAmount of Individual
Pringle Chips/Crisps
Weight in Ounces

156g (US standard
tube size)
180g (Tube size for
some flavors)

How Many Calories are in Pringles?

To get the most accurate Pringle calorie information I’ve used figures from the pack, manufacturer details and I’ve also checked them on MyFitnessPal.

The chart below shows the calories for the most popular Pringle varieties in various serving sizes:

Pringle VarietyServing SizeCalories in kcal
Standard Pringles
(various flavors)
30g/1oz (one Serving)151kcal
Standard Pringles
(various flavors)
Standard Pringles
(various flavors)
200g/7oz (whole tube)1028kcal
Pringles Pop & Go
Snack-size can (UK)
40g (whole pack)206kcal
Pringles Sizzl’n
various flavors (UK)
30g/1oz (one serving)150kcal
Pringles Wavy
various flavors (US)
30g/1oz (one serving)150kcal
Pringles Scorchin (US)30g/1oz (one serving)150kcal
Pringles Rice
Fusion (UK)
30g/1oz (one serving)146kcal
Pringles Tortilla
Chips (UK)
30g/1oz (one serving)145kcal
Pringles Lightly salted
& reduced-fat (US)
30g/1oz (one serving)140kcal

How Tall is a Can of Pringles?

If you need to know how tall a can of pringles is, then use the chart below to find the information you need, depending on the size of your can:

Can WeightHeight in CentimetersHeight in Inches
200g/7oz (standard size)26cm10.2in
40g/1.4oz (snack size)9cm3.5in

How Much Does an Empty Pringles Can Weigh?

Finally, if for some reason you need to know how much an empty Pringles can weighs, I weighed one:

An empty Pringles can (200g size) with the lid and freshness seal still on weighs a total of 50g/1.8oz.

empty Pringles can

Equipment and Information Used for This Article

I used precision scales that weigh to 0.01 of a gram which is regularly calibrated with a 100g weight. For more information see my recommended weighing scales here.

To make sure the information in this article is accurate, I researched and cross-referenced various sources (as well as original research) to obtain the correct weights and calories.

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