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Potato Smiles Weights & Calories (With Calculator & Charts)

In this article, I’ve put together a calculator and charts so you can quickly work out the exact weights and calories of various portions of McCain Potato Smiles (also known as smiley faces).

How Much Does One McCain Smile Weigh?

I did some research and weighed individual McCain Smiles to get the average weight of both an uncooked and cooked potato Smile.

The average weight of one uncooked McCain Smile is 20.6g/0.73oz and the average weight of a cooked Smile is 16g/0.56oz.

Use the table to find more weight conversions of one McCain Smile, this is based on both cooked and uncooked weights.

Weight typeWeight of one
uncooked Potato Smile
Weight of one
cooked Potato Smile

Potato Smile Weight and Calorie Calculator

Use the calculator below to work out the weight and calories for your serving of McCain Potato Smiles.

This calculator is based on an average weight of 20.6g (oz) per uncooked Smile and 16g per cooked Smile. The calorie information is based on pack information per 100g, which I’ve then divided by 100 to get a cooked and uncooked weight per gram.

Select the number of Smiles in your portion as well as either cooked or uncooked weight to continue:

How Many McCain Smiles are in a Serving?

A Serving of McCain Smiles is 5 Smiles, once cooked the weight per serving is around 80g (2.8oz).

A serving of this size contains 155 calories (in kcal).

McCain Potato Smile Weight and Calorie Chart

Use the chart below to find more McCain Potato Smile serving weights and calories, these figures are based on an average cooked smile weighing 16g (0.56oz) and containing 1.93kcal per gram (as per pack information).

McCain Smile Serving Size
Average Weight
(in grams and ounces)
Calories (in kcal)
1 Smile16g/0.56oz31
2 Smiles32g/1.13oz62
3 Smiles48g/1.69oz93
4 Smiles64g/2.26oz124
5 Smiles80g/2.82oz154
6 Smiles96g/3.39oz185
7 Smiles112g/3.95oz216
8 Smiles128g/4.52oz247
9 Smiles144g/5.08oz134
10 Smiles160g/5.96oz309

More Potato Smile FAQs

How many Potato Smiles are in 100g

There are around 5 uncooked potato Smiles in 100g or around 6 cooked potato Smiles in 100g.

How many Potato Smiles are in a pack?

A standard 454g pack of McCain Smiles contains an average 22 Smiles per pack.

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