Avocado Weights & Calories (Ultimate Guide With Charts)

Use this page to help you to calculate the weights and calories of any serving size or portion of avocado.

Including weights with and without the seed and skin, along with charts to help you to work out the weights and calories for any portion.

Weight of an Average-Sized Avocado

I did the research and weighed various sized avocados to find an average weight and found the following:

The average weight of one whole average-sized avocado is 150g. This weight includes the skin and the seed.

ConversionWeight of a whole
average-sized avocado

Weight of a Large Avocado

The average weight of a whole large avocado is 200g, this includes the skin and the seed.

The conversion chart shows this weight in both metric and imperial values.

ConversionWeight of a whole large

How Much Does an Avocado Weigh Without the Seed and Skin?

If you need to know avocado weights to calculate calories or for a recipe then you’ll need to know how much the edible part of the fruit weighs without the skin and the seed (or pit).

I stripped out the flesh from average-sized and large avocados to get an average weight of the flesh inside.

The average weight of the edible flesh part of an average-sized avocado (without the skin and seed) is around 100g (3.5oz) and the average weight of the flesh from a large avocado is around 125g (4.4oz).

The table below shows the conversion amounts for the flesh weight of an avocado:

Average whole avocado weight
(average-sized fruit)
Average flesh only weight
(average-sized fruit)
Average whole avocado weight
(large-sized fruit)
Average Flesh only weight
(large-sized fruit)

How to Calculate the Weight of Avocado Flesh

To easily calculate how much flesh is inside an avocado without weighing the messy part is to know how much on average the skin and seed weigh.

I weighed the skin and seeds to get an average figure to deduct from the weight of a whole avocado and got the following average weights:

The average weight of the skin from an average-sized avocado is 25g and the average weight of the seed is 25g. The average weight of the skin from a large avocado is 35g and the average weight of a large seed is 40g.

Avocado skins with the flesh and seed removed
cleaned avocado seeds which vary in size

Use the table below to work out the amount which needs to be deducted from a whole avocado weight to get the edible flesh weight:

Avocado sizeAverage-sized avocadoLarge avocado
Average seed (pit weight)25g40g
Average skin weight25g35g
Total amount to deduct
from whole fruit weight

How Much Does a Cup of Avocado Weigh?

I did the research using average-sized avocados with the skins and seeds removed.

A US (236ml) cup contains just over two average-sized lightly mashed avocados which is equal to around 230g/8.1oz in weight.

The image shows what the flesh of two average-sized avocados looks like in a cup.

US cup containing two average avocados

The table below shows more cup weights and conversions, for mashed avocado flesh:

Cup size/amountWeight of mashed avocado in grams & ounces
1/4 cup58g/2oz
1/2 cup115g/4.1oz
3/4 cup173g/6.1oz
1 cup230g8.1oz
2 cups460g/16.2oz

How Much Avocado is in a Portion?

The recommended portion size of an avocado is 50g (1.76oz), which is equal to around half of the flesh of a whole 150g (5.3oz) avocado. This portion size contains 83.5 calories in total.

Avocado Weight & Calorie Chart

The conversion table below shows more avocado portions to help you quickly work out the weight and calories for your portion.

This chart is based on the assumption that an average-sized avocado weighs 150g (100g without the skin and seed) and a large avocado weighs 200g (125g (without the skin and seed).

I have also used calorie values provided by the USDA.

Avocado flesh serving size
(without the skin and seed)
Average weight
(in grams and ounces)
Average calories
(in kcal)
1/4 average-sized avocado
(flesh only)
1/2 average-sized avocado
(flesh only)
3/4 average-sized avocado
(flesh only)
1 average-sized avocado
(flesh only)
1/4 large avocado
(flesh only)
1/2 large avocado
(flesh only)
3/4 large avocado
(flesh only)
1 large avocado
(flesh only)

Avocado Weight FAQ’s

How many avocados are in a pound?

Based on an average-sized whole avocado weighing 150g, there are around 3 avocados in a pound.

How many avocados are in a kilogram?

Based on an average-sized whole avocado weighing 150g, there are around 7 avocados in a kilogram.

Equipment and Information Used for This Article

I used precision scales that weigh to 0.01 of a gram which is regularly calibrated with a 100g weight. For more information see my recommended weighing scales here.

To make sure the information in this article is accurate, I researched and cross-referenced various sources (as well as original research) to obtain the correct weights and calories.

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