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Baked Potato Calorie Calculator (Cooked Or Raw Weights)

This page is all about baked potato calories and will help you find whatever data you need for any serving weight or potato size. Also – use our quick reference chart to add on various toppings, including butter, cheese, and tuna.

Baked Potato Calorie Calculator

You can use this calculator to work the calorie content (in kcal) for any weight of baked potato; it will also convert weights from raw to cooked or vice versa.

Input your potato weight type (raw or cooked) and weight in grams to get started.

Please note that the data in this calculator is based on cooked, baked potato calorie data from the USDA and assumes that the average baked potato will reduce in weight by 30% during cooking. For more information on this topic, or to convert cooked and raw weights, take a look at the article below:

Baked Potato Weight Calculator (Before And After Cooking)

Calories Per Potato (By Size)

If you don’t know the weight of your potato, don’t worry because you can estimate the calories based on how big your baked potato is rather than the exact weights.

The table below shows the calorie values for small, medium, and large potatoes. Please note that this data is based on average weights and will give you an approximate (not exact) weight.

Baked Potato SizeAverage Weight (Raw)Calories
Small150 – 250g / (5.3 – 8.8oz)98-163kcal
Medium251 – 300g / (8.9 – 10.6oz)163-195kcal
Large301g – 400g (plus) / (10.6-14oz)196-260kcal
Chart to show calories for each size of baked potato

Baked Potato With Topping Calories

The table below shows how many calories are in various kinds of toppings and the total calories when they’re added to a medium-sized baked potato.

This data uses the assumption that a raw medium baked potato weighs 300g (10.6oz), and once cooked, it will reduce in weight to around 210g (7.4oz) and that a potato of this size contains 195kcal.

Topping & Serving WeightTopping CaloriesTotal Calories With An Average Medium Potato
Butter (1tbsp / 14.2g)102kcal 297kcal
Cheese (Cheddar) (1oz/28g)115kcal310kcal
Plain Canned Tuna (3oz/85g)109kcal304kcal
Tuna (3oz/85g) & Mayo (Real) (15g/1tbsp)209kcal404kcal
Baked Beans (1cup/254g)94kcal289kcal
Cottage Cheese (full fat) (150g/5.3oz)158kcal353kcal
Bacon (two rashers)149kcal344kcal
Chili Con Carne (1cup/254g)259kcal454kcal

I hope this page has helped you get the data you were looking for. If you need more information on average baked potato weights and calories, head over to the main article on this topic via the link below:

Baked Potato Weights And Conversions (In Charts)

Baked Potato Weight Calculator (Before And After Cooking)

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