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Pasta Calories Per Serving (For Various Shapes & Types)

In this ultimate one-stop guide to pasta calories, I’ve put together easy-to-use charts and a calculator to help you work out the calories for any serving of various shapes and types of pasta.

As well as calories per serving, I’ll also explain how much pasta is in a serving and how to work out calories for cooked and uncooked pasta weights.

Pasta Serving Sizes

To work out how many calories are in a serving of pasta, it’s a good idea to know how much a pasta serving is and the differences between a small and a large portion of pasta.

When you look at the available information, there are many different opinions about how much a serving of pasta weighs, and pasta packs also vary with their recommended servings.

I’ve just posted another article on Pasta weights, conversions, and servings where I’ve done the research and physical testing into various portion sizes of pasta to find an average portion size and I’ve based the serving sizes on this page on my findings.

The table below shows the conversion weights of different-sized servings of dry pasta (before and after cooking) for your reference:

Pasta Serving Size & Dry WeightAverage Cooked Weight
Small (56g/2oz)126g/4.44oz
Medium (75g/2.65oz)169g/5.96oz
Large (100g/3.53oz)225g/7.94oz
Extra-Large (125g/4.41oz)281g/9.91oz

Average Dry Pasta Calories Per Serving

Because there’s conflicting information around the average calories per serving and different brands and types of pasta also vary in calories, I wanted to find an average calorie value per serving.

After researching and compiling a database of the top brands and supermarket brands, I have found the average calorie value of dry white pasta shapes is 357kcal per 100g/3.53oz of uncooked pasta.

The table below shows an average calorie amount for each serving size of pasta which applies to various dry pasta shapes (based on the uncooked/dry weight):

White Pasta Serving Size & Dry WeightAverage Cooked WeightCalories (in kcal)
Small (56g/2oz)126g/4.44oz200kcal
Medium (75g/2.65oz)169g/5.96oz268kcal
Large (100g/3.53oz)225g/7.94oz357kcal
Extra-Large (125g/4.41oz)281g/9.91oz446kcal

Average Dry Whole Grain Pasta Calories Per Serving

Based on the average calorie values of well-known whole grain (or brown) pasta brands, the average calories per 100g/3.53oz of dry whole-grain pasta is 321kcal.

The table below shows the average calories per serving of whole-grain pasta (based on the uncooked/dry weight):

Whole Grain Pasta Serving Size & Dry WeightAverage Cooked WeightCalories (in kcal)
Small (56g/2oz)126g/4.44oz180kcal
Medium (75g/2.65oz)169g/5.96oz241kcal
Large (100g/3.53oz)225g/7.94oz321kcal
Extra-Large (125g/4.41oz)281g/9.91oz401kcal

Average Dry Egg Pasta Calories Per Serving

Most dry pasta is made simply using Durum wheat flour, but some are enriched with egg yolk, producing a richer yellower pasta.

Dry pasta, which is enriched with egg, is slightly higher in calories than standard white pasta and contains an average of 370kcal per 100g/3.53oz.

The table below shows how many calories are in egg pasta per serving (based on the uncooked/dry weight):

Egg Pasta Serving Size & Dry WeightAverage Cooked WeightCalories (in kcal)
Small (56g/2oz)126g/4.44oz207kcal
Medium (75g/2.65oz)169g/5.96oz278kcal
Large (100g/3.53oz)225g/7.94oz370kcal
Extra-Large (125g/4.41oz)281g/9.91oz463kcal

Dry Vs Cooked Pasta Calories

When you’re working out pasta calories, it’s important to know whether the calories your using are based on the uncooked dry pasta weight or the cooked weight.

If you use the wrong one, it can make a big difference to the calorie value because cooked pasta weighs considerably more than dry pasta.

For example, 100g/3.53oz of dry pasta contains 357kcal, and this portion will increase to around 225g/7.94oz in weight once cooked, but the calorie value does not increase.

Whereas; 100g/3.53oz of cooked pasta weighs around 44g before cooking (when dry), and this serving will contain an average of 157kcal.

Although it is possible to calculate calories using the cooked weight, you will get a more accurate calorie value by busing the dry weight because the increase in weight during cooking can vary.

Pasta Calorie Calculator

The calculator below will help you to work out the average calories for any portion of dry pasta and applies to various shapes and types.

Select your preferred weight type and pasta type to continue:

Dry Pasta Calorie Chart

The quick-reference chart below shows more white pasta calories based on the original dry weight, pre-cooking.

This is based on calories of 357kcal per 100g/3.53oz popular, which is an average taken from pasta brands available in most stores and supermarkets and will work for various pasta shapes.

Dry Pasta Weight
(in Grams & Ounces)
Weight Once Cooked
(in Grams & Ounces)
(Based on Dry Weight)

Cooked Pasta Calories

If you need to know the calories for a cooked pasta weight, use the chart below to find what you need.

The calorie information is based on an average calorie value of 357kcal per 100g/3.53oz of dry pasta and assuming the pasta has increased in weight by an average amount of 2.25 times the original dry weight during cooking.

Cooked Pasta Weight
(in Grams & Ounces)
Original Dry Pasta Weight
(in Grams & Ounces)
Calories in kcal
for Cooked Weight

Calories in a Cup of Pasta

A cup of dry pasta weighs around 100g per serving, and a cup of cooked pasta weighs about 200g; based on these figures, the table below will show you a guide to the average amount of calories per cup weight of dry pasta.

Please note these figures may vary depending on the size and shape of the pasta; for example, you can fit more smaller-shaped pasta into a cup compared to larger shapes.

Dry Pasta in Cups
& Weight Conversion
Calories Per Serving
(Based on Dry Weight)
1/4 cup (25g)89kcal
1/3 cup (33g)118kcal
1/2 cup (50g)179kcal
2/3 cup (67g)239kcal
1 cup (100g)357kcal
1.5 cups (150g)536kcal
2 cups (200g)714kcal
2.5 cups (250g)893kcal
3 cups (300g)1071kcal