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Chicken Breast Weights, Calories & Servings (In Charts)

How does the weight of a chicken breast influence its caloric content, and why is this knowledge pivotal for mindful eating and culinary explorations?

In this article, I’ve put together everything you need to know about weights, calories, and serving sizes of chicken breast. I talk about chicken breast weights and calories, offering insights into the average weights of raw chicken breasts, both with and without skin, and their respective caloric contents.

Use the easy-to-follow charts to quickly work out and find the information you’re looking for, including weights with and without skin and find out how much weight a chicken breast loses when it’s cooked.

How Much Does One Chicken Breast Weigh?

I weighed individual raw chicken breasts with and without skin to find an average chicken breast weight and the results were as follows:

The average weight of one skinless and boneless chicken breast is around 180-200g/6.35-7.05oz. A chicken breast of this size contains 189-210 calories (in kcal).

The average weight of one boneless chicken breast with the skin on is around 210-230g/7.4-8.1oz. A chicken breast of this size contains 299-327 calories (in kcal).

Chicken breast weights vary depending on the size of the chicken they came from, to give you an idea of how weights can range; a smaller skinless breast weighs around 140-150g/4.94-5.29oz and a large skinless chicken breast can weigh anywhere up to 250g/8.82oz.

Use the table to find more conversion weights of one average-sized whole raw chicken breast which is either skin-on or skinless, in both metric and imperial weights:

Weight TypeWeight of one average chicken breast
Weight of one average chicken breast

Chicken Breast Weight And Calorie Chart

The table below shows chicken breast weights and calories for various serving sizes and portions of chicken breast.

This information is based on the mid-range weight of an average-sized chicken breast (see above) being 190g/6.7oz (skinless) and 220g/7.76oz (skin on).

The calorie information is based on official nutrition values and using the assumption that skinless chicken breast contains 1.05kcal per gram and chicken breast with the skin on contains 1.42kcal per gram.

Chicken Breast ServingWeight (in metric & imperial weights)Calories in kcal
1 skinless chicken breast190g/6.7oz200
2 skinless chicken breasts380g/13.4oz399
3 skinless chicken breasts570g/1.26lb599
4 skinless chicken breasts760g/1.68lb798
5 skinless chicken breasts950g/2.1lb998
1 chicken breast skin-on220g/7.76oz312
2 chicken breasts skin-on440g/15.5oz625
3 chicken breasts skin-on660g/1.46lb937
4 chicken breasts skin-on880g/1.94lb1250
5 chicken breasts skin-on1.1kg/2.43lb1562
25g of skinless chicken breast25g/0.88oz26
50g of skinless chicken breast50g/1.76oz53
75g of skinless chicken breast75g/2.65oz79
100g of skinless chicken breast100g/3.53oz105
125g of skinless chicken breast125g/4.4oz131
150g of skinless chicken breast150g/5.3oz158
175g of skinless chicken breast175g/6.2oz184
200g of skinless chicken breast200g/7.1oz210
1oz of skinless chicken breast28g/1oz29
2oz of skinless chicken breast57g/2oz60
3oz of skinless chicken breast85g/3oz89
4oz of skinless chicken breast113g/4oz119
5oz of skinless chicken breast142g/5oz149
6oz of skinless chicken breast170g/6oz179

How Many Chicken Breasts Are In A Pound Or Kilogram?

The charts below will help you to work out how many chicken breasts are in either a pound or kilogram.

This is based on an average chicken breast without the skin weighing around 190g/6.7oz and a skin-on chicken breast weighing around 220g/7.76oz.

Number Of Chicken Breasts In A Pound

Number of poundsAverage amount of skinless
chicken breasts per weight
Average amount of skin-on
chicken breasts per weight

Number Of Chicken Breasts In A kilogram

Number of kilogramsAmount of skinless
chicken breasts per weight
Amount of skin-on
chicken breasts per weight

How Much Weight Does a Chicken Breast Lose When Cooked?

The amount that chicken reduces in weight when it’s cooked, depends on the quality of the chicken and whether it has added water.

As a general rule, good quality free-range chicken breast with no added water will reduce in weight by around 25% when it’s cooked, whereas chicken with added water can reduce in weight by up to 40%.

I did an experiment using a supermarket brand chicken breast weighing 200g and cooked it dry in an oven until cooked through, to see how much it reduced in weight.

As you can see from the image below, the chicken breast reduced in weight from 200g to 123g, which is a reduction of 38.5%.

image shows a supermarket chicken breast before and after cooking on a scale, before it weighs 200g and after it weighs 123g

When Should You Weigh Chicken Breast?

As a general rule, you should weigh chicken before it’s cooked when you’re calorie counting because calorie information is usually based on the raw weight.

Although chicken does reduce in size and weight during cooking, this is mainly water weight and does not hold much calorific value.

The exception to this rule is when you buy chicken ready-cooked because the nutritional information on the pack should be based on the cooked weight and not the raw weight.

How Much Chicken Breast is in a Serving?

If you’re meal planning or calorie counting and you need to know how much chicken breast is in a serving, then here’s the information:

The recommended portion size of chicken breast is around 3-4oz or 85-115g per person. This is equal to around half a good-sized chicken breast.

If you’re meal planning, then as a general rule allow half a chicken breast per person for a small portion or one whole chicken breast each for a large portion or if you want leftovers.

How Much Does Chicken Breast Skin Weigh?

When you buy chicken breasts they’re either sold with the skin on or skinless, If you need to know how much the skin on a chicken breast weighs, then here’s the information:

An average chicken skin weighs around 30g/1.1oz in total, chicken with the skin on contains more calories than a skinless breast due to the fat content, and an average skin-on chicken breast contains around 299-327 calories (in kcal) compared to 189-210 without the skin.

If you remove the skin from your chicken breasts before eating and you’re calorie counting, use the skinless values in the table above.

More Chicken Breast Weight FAQs

Does cooked chicken breast weigh the same as raw chicken breast?

No, a raw chicken breast weighs around 25-40% more than a cooked chicken breast due to liquid loss during the cooking process.

How many chicken breasts are in a kilogram?

Based on an average chicken breast weighing around 190g/6.7oz, there are around five chicken breasts in a kilogram.

How many chicken breasts are in a pound?

Based on an average chicken breast weighing around 190g/6.7oz, there are around two and a half chicken breasts in a kilogram.