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Chicken Wing Weights, Calories & Servings (In Charts)

Have you ever found yourself preparing a meal and wondering about the exact weight and caloric content of the chicken wings you’re about to enjoy? Imagine hosting a gathering where you aim to provide a scrumptious, yet calorie-conscious meal to your guests, ensuring that flavor and dietary considerations are in perfect harmony.

The article provides a detailed guide on chicken wing weights, calories, and serving sizes, offering charts and insights into raw and cooked weights, and how much of a chicken wing is edible meat. It discusses the average weight of a chicken wing, provides a weight and calorie chart, and explores aspects like the amount of meat on a wing, the number of wings in a pound or kilogram, and the weight loss of wings when cooked.

How Much Does One Chicken Wing Weigh?

I weighed individual chicken wings (including the skin and bone) to get an average weight per raw wing and here are the results:

The average weight of one chicken wing with the skin on and the bone in is around 90g/3.17oz. A chicken wing of this size contains 188 calories (in kcal).

Chicken wing weights vary depending on the size of the chicken they came from, a small raw chicken wing (with the skin on and bone-in) weighs around 50g/1.76oz and a large wing weighs up to around 120g/4.23oz.

Use the table to find more conversion weights of one average raw chicken wing (including the skin and bone).

Weight TypeWeight of one average chicken
Wing (skin-on/bone-in)

Chicken Wing Weight And Calorie Chart

Use the chart below to find more chicken wing serving weights and calories, these figures are based on an average raw chicken wing weighing 90g/3.17oz (including the skin and bone).

It’s worth noting that calorie information does vary for chicken depending on where you look, to keep things simple I’ve gone with an average of 2.09kcal per gram which I’ve taken from mainstream supermarket pack information.

Chicken wing Serving SizeAverage Weight
(in metric & imperial)
(in kcal)
1 wing90g/3.17oz188
2 wings180g/6.35oz376
3 wings270g/9.52oz564
4 wings360g/12.7oz752
5 wings450g/15.87oz940
6 wings540g/1.2lb1129
7 wings630g/1.39lb1317
8 wings720g/1.59oz1505
9 wings810g/1.79oz1693
10 wings900g/1.98oz1881
25g of wing meat25g/0.88oz52
50g of wing meat50g/1.76oz105
75g of wing meat75g/2.65oz157
100g of wing meat100g/3.53oz209
125g of wing meat125g/4.4oz261
150g of wing meat150g/5.3oz314
175g of wing meat175g/6.2oz366
200g of wing meat200g/7.1oz418
1oz of wing meat28g/1oz59
2oz of wing meat57g/2oz119
3oz of wing meat85g/3oz178
4oz of wing meat113g/4oz236
5oz of wing meat142g/5oz297
6oz of wing meat170g/6oz355

How Much Meat Is On A Chicken Wing?

I did some research and weighed the meat of a chicken wing (with the skin and bone removed) to find the average amount of meat per wing and here are the results:

An average-sized chicken wing with a raw weight of 90g/3.17oz weighs around 68g/2.4oz when cooked, and with the bone removed the meat and skin weigh around 54g/1.9oz.

This means that average-sized chicken wing bones weigh around 14g/0.49oz per chicken wing and this amount can be deducted from a cooked chicken wing weight to get the edible meat weight.

It’s important to note, the amount of meat will vary depending on the size of the chicken wing, and the bigger the wing, the more meat there will be.

How Many Chicken Wings Are In A Pound Or Kilogram?

The tables below show the number of chicken wings in a pound or kilogram and multiples of pounds and kilograms.

This is based on an average-sized raw chicken wing weighing 90g/3.17oz each.

Please note that chicken wing weights can vary, so you might need to allow a little more or less depending on their size and figures are rounded up or down to the nearest whole chicken wing.

Number Of Chicken Wings In A Pound

Number of poundsAmount of chicken wings per weight
(including skin and bone

Number Of Chicken Wings In A Kilogram

Number of kilogramsAmount of chicken wings per weight
(including skin and bone

When Should You Weigh Chicken Wings?

As a rule, if you’re calorie counting, you should weigh chicken wings before they’re cooked because calorie information is usually based on the raw weight.

The exception to this rule is when you buy ready-cooked chicken wings because the nutritional information on the pack should be based on the cooked weight and not the raw weight.

The nutritional information on a pack of raw chicken wings is based on the whole weight, including the skin; if you only use the meat, then it might make sense to weigh the cooked meat as this is the only part you’ll be eating – see above for information on how to calculate the meat weight.

How Much Weight Do Chicken Wings Lose When Cooked?

The amount that chicken reduces in weight when it’s cooked depends on the quality of the chicken and whether it has added water.

Because chicken Wings are generally cooked with bones and skin on, they tend to retain more liquid than skinless and boneless chicken which will dry out more during the cooking process. This is because the fatty barrier which helps to retain moisture as it cooks.

As a rule, good quality free-range chicken wings with the skin left on will reduce in weight by around 25% of the original weight. For example, an average-sized raw chicken wing weighing 90g/3.17oz will weigh around 68g/2.4oz after cooking.

I did some research and put this theory into practice and the ratios do work, there might be a slight difference, but a 25% reduction is pretty close to what you can expect when you cook chicken on the bone.

The table below shows a guide to before and after cooking weights for chicken wings, along with how much cooked edible meat you can expect per wing:

Raw Chicken Wing WeightCooked Chicken Wing WeightEdible Wing Meat Weight
50g/oz (small)38g/1.34oz24g/0.85oz
90g/oz (average)68g/2.4oz54g/1.9oz
120g/oz (large)90g/3.17oz76g/2.68oz

How Many Chicken Chicken Wings Are in a Serving?

If you’re meal planning or calorie counting and you need to know how many chicken wings are in a serving, then here’s the information:

The recommended portion size of chicken meat is around 85-113g/3-4oz, in terms of wings this is around four small wings, 2 average-sized wings, or 1-2 large wings.

If you’re meal planning, then as a rule allow a few extra wings per person on top of the recommended serving size to accommodate for bigger eaters.

More Chicken Wing Weight FAQs

How many chicken wings are in a pound?

Based on an average raw chicken wing weight of 90g/3.17oz (including the skin and bone), there are around five chicken wings in a pound.

How many chicken wings are in a kilogram?

Based on an average raw chicken wing weight of 90g/3.17oz (including the skin and bone), there are around 11 chicken wings in a kilogram.