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Babybel Vs. Babybel Light (What’s the Difference?)

When it comes to lighter options, this can often lead to less flavor, a reduction in certain nutrients, or the addition of synthetic ingredients to replicate flavors.

Babybel Light cheeses are marketed as a healthier, lower-calorie option compared to Original Babybel, but is the switch worth it for flavor and nutritional benefits?

In this article, I’ll compare Babybel Original Cheeses head-to-head to find out the difference between the two and which (if any) is the best for nutrition, cost, and flavor.

Ingredients Comparision

When it comes to ingredients, both Original Babybel and Babybel Light are 100% real cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk.

The difference between the two kinds of cheese is that Original Babybel is made from higher fat milk, whereas Light Babybels are made from lower fat skimmed milk, which helps to decrease calorie content.

Babybel IngredientsBabybel Light Ingredients
Made from Pasteurised MilkMade from Pasteurised Milk

Babybel Vs. Babybel Nutritional Comparison

In this section, we’ll look at the nutritional comparison between Original Babybel cheese and Light Babybel to find out the difference between the two.

The comparison will be weight-for-weight, per 100g and per 20g serving which is the edible weight of both kinds of Babybel.

Best for Calorie Content

Starting with calorie content and as you’d expect, the Babybel with the least calories is Babybel Light, with 20kcal less per 20g serving than full-fat Original Babybel.

This makes Babybel Light an excellent low-calorie snack option if you’re on a reduced-calorie diet.

Cheese TypeCalories Per 100gCalories Per 20g Serving
Babybel Original308kcal62kcal
Babybel Light208kcal42kcal

Best for Carbohydrate Content

Both Original Babybel and Babybel Light contain the same amount of carbohydrates and sugars per serving which is a nominal amount less than 0.01g per mini cheese.

Either Babybel is a good snack option if you’re on a low-carb diet such as keto.

Cheese TypeCarbohydrates Per 20g ServingOf Which are Sugars
Babybel Original<0.01g<0.01g
Babybel Light<0.01g<0.01g

Best for Protein Content

You might be surprised to learn that Light Babybel contains slightly more protein per mini cheese than Original Babybel, although both kinds of cheese are a high-protein snack option.

Cheese TypeProtein Per 100gProtein Per 20g Serving
Babybel Original23g4.6g
Babybel Light25g5g

Best for Fat Content

Cheese is generally high in fat, but fat levels vary depending on its production. When it comes to Babybel cheese, the original version is made with full-fat milk, whereas the lighter version is made using skimmed milk.

This means that Babybel Light contains half the fat and saturated fat of Original Babybel. Although this is natural fat, if you’re looking to reduce your fat and saturated fat intake, then Babybel Light is the better option for you.

Cheese TypeFatOf Which is Saturated Fat
Babybel Original (20g Serving)4.8g3.2g
Babybel Original (100g Serving)24g16g
Babybel Light (20g Serving)2.4g1.6g
Babybel Light (100g Serving)12g8g

Best for Sodium/Salt Content

As you can see from the table below, the salt content of Babybel Original and Babybel Light is the same for both kinds of cheese.

Cheese TypeSodium/Salt Per 100gSodium/Salt per 20g Serving
Babybel Original1.8g0.36g
Babybel Light1.8g0.36g

Best for Calcium

Both Babybel Original and Babybel Light are high in calcium, with each cheese containing just under 20% of the recommended daily intake. Babybel Light contains slightly more calcium per cheese than the original version when comparing the two.

Cheese TypeCalcium Per 100gCalcium Per 20g Serving
Babybel Original700mg (88%)140mg (18%)
Babybel Light760mg (95%)152mg (19%)

Best for Flavor/Texture

When it comes to flavor, both products are similar, but Original Babybels have a creamier texture and taste compared to Babybel Light.

It’s very much like comparing full-fat milk to skimmed milk which is a little thinner and less creamy.

Personally, I like the taste of both, and I’ll happily eat Babybel Light if I’m looking for a low-calorie snack.

Ultimately, the cheese with the best taste and texture is subjective, and all comes down to the individual’s personal preference.

To help future readers and us find out which cheese is most popular, please vote in the poll below to tell us which you like best to reveal the votes so far.

Which do you prefer?

Best for Price

At the time of writing this article, a 200g pack of Original Babybel and Babybel Light containing 10x20g mini cheeses both cost an average of £2.19 (UK price), which means each individual cheese costs 22p.

Based on this information, both Babybel Original and Babybel Light Cost the same amount per pack for the same cheese weight.

Babybel Original & Babybel Light Compared

We’ve now compared each type of cheese, and I can summarise the difference and announce the best cheese in most categories.

Babybel Light came out as the best cheese because not only are they lower in calories and fat they’re also slightly higher in protein and calcium, making them the healthier choice when compared to Original Babybel.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal taste. Still, if you like Babybel Light and you’re counting your calories or increasing your protein or calcium intake, they’re definitely the better option and worth the switch.

Comparison CategoryWinner (Babybel Original or Babybel Light)
Best for Calorie ContentBabybel Light
Best for Carbohydrate ContentSame Content
Best for Protein ContentBabybel Light
Best for Fat ContentBabybel Light
Best for Salt ContentSame Content
Best for CalciumBabybel Light
Best for PriceJoint Winners
Overall WinnerBabybel Light

More Babybel Vs. Babybel Light FAQ’s

Are Babybel Original and Babybel Light Real Cheese?

Yes, both kinds of Babybel are made from real 100% real cheese, which is made from pasteurized milk. Babybel Light is made from skimmed milk, compared to Babybel Original which is made from full-fat milk.

Is Babybel Light Healthy?

Babybel Light make an excellent low-calorie snack that has almost no carbohydrates or sugars while being high in protein and calcium. Babybel Light also contains half the fat of an Original Babybel mini cheese.

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