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Zucchini Weights, Servings & Calories (A Complete Guide)

Zucchini or courgette (depending on where you’re from) is a staple vegetable that can be used in various ways and has become increasingly popular since the invention of zoodles (or courgetti).

In this article, I’ve put together everything you need to know about zucchini weights, servings, calories, and nutrition to help you to find the information you’re looking for.

Including a weight and calorie calculator to help you find the conversion weights and calories for any serving size of zucchini.

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How Much Does a Zucchini Weigh?

Because zucchinis are a product of nature, their weights can vary quite considerably depending on the size of the vegetable.

To keep things simple, I’ve categorized each zucchini size into small, medium, and large.

The table below shows the conversion weights (in metric and imperial) for each size of zucchini based on average official weights from the USDA. Please note that each vegetable will vary in weight, so use this as a guide:

Zucchini/Courgette SizeAverage Metric WeightAverage Imperial Weight
Small118g / 0.118kg4.4oz / 0.26lb
Medium196g / 0.196kg6.9oz / 0.43lb
Large323g / 0.323kg11.4oz / 0.71lb

Zucchini Serving Per Person

The suggested serving of zucchini is one cup of chopped zucchini (measured raw). A serving of this size will weigh around 124g (4.4oz) for zucchini chopped into small cubes, or 113g (4oz) if sliced.

This serving weight equals one small to medium zucchini or just under half a large one per person.

Although this might feel like a large serving, zucchini contains around 95% water, meaning it shrinks considerably during cooking as water is released.

Zoodle/Courgetti Serving Size

To make enough zoodles to cover a plate or bowl, you will need around one small to medium zucchini or half a large one.

Increase the amount by another small zucchini or half a medium one for a larger serving.

Depending on how you cook your zoodles, you’ll find they reduce in volume when cooked.

Zucchini Cup Weights

If you prefer to measure using cups, the table below shows the average cup weights and conversions for chopped raw zucchini along with the calories per weight.

Please note that these figures are based on averages and assuming the zucchini is chopped into small cubes. Weights can vary if the zucchini is cut into larger chunks or slices because it will take more spade in the cup.

US Cup SizeChopped Zucchini Conversion Weight
In Grams & Ounces
Calories per weight
1 cup124g / 4.4oz21kcal
1/2 cup62g / 2.2oz11kcal
3/4 cup93g / 3.3oz16kcal
2/3 cup83g / 3oz14kcal
1/4 cup31g / 1.1oz5kcal
1/3 cup41g / 1.4oz7kcal

Zucchini Weight & Calorie Calculator

The calculator below will help you work out conversion weights and calorie content for any serving of zucchini.

Choose your preferred weight and enter the weight of your serving to continue:

Zucchini Weight & Calorie Chart

The quick reference table below will help you find conversion weights and calories for various servings of zucchini, which is also applicable to zoodles (courgetti).

These figures are based on averages and using official calorie data from the UDSA which confirms that 100g of zucchini contains 17kcal (or 0.17kcal per gram).

Zucchini/Courgette Serving WeightConversion WeightCalories Per Serving
Average Small Zucchini (118g)4.4oz20kcal
Average Medium Zucchini (196g)6.9oz33kcal
Average Large Zucchini (323g)11.4oz55kcal
zoodles with tomatoes and fetta cheese

Zucchini Nutritional Information

The table underneath presents the nutritional content for 100g of raw zucchini. Highlighting zucchini’s minimal carbohydrate and sugar levels, it stands in contrast to higher-carb veggies like carrots or butternut squash. Zucchini, predictably, has minimal natural fats, and its fiber and protein content are also on the lower side.

Zucchini contains a range of vitamins and minerals with Healthline confirming that it’s especially high in vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, and potassium.

Nutrition TypeAmount Per 100g of Zucchini
Of which are sugars2.5g
Dietary Fiber1g
Saturated Fat0.084g
Vitamin C17.9mg
Vitamin A10µg
Vitamin K4.3µg

More Zucchini Weights & Nutrition FAQs

How many zucchini are in a pound?

Based on the average weight of a medium-sized zucchini being 196g (6.9oz) there are around 2.3 medium zucchinis in a pound.

How many zucchini are in a kilogram?

Based on the average weight of a medium-sized zucchini being 196g (6.9oz) there are around five medium zucchinis in a kilogram.

How many calories are there in a whole zucchini?

A whole medium-sized zucchini weighing an average of 196g (6.9oz) contains 33kcal. A small zucchini weighing an average of 118g (4.4oz) contains 33kcal and a large zucchini weighing 323g (11.4oz) contains 55kcal.

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Source References

To ensure the nutritional information used in this article is accurate, I have used data from the USDA; the link below contains the source information in case you need it:

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