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Tuna Weights, Servings & Calories (Canned and Fresh)

There are various types of tuna out there, including canned with added ingredients such as oil or herbs, sandwich mixes, or just plain fresh tuna steaks. So it can become a little confusing when you need to work out weights and calories for your meal.

In this article, I’ll be providing charts and data for everything you need to know about various kinds of tuna weights and nutrition, so you can find the exact information you need.

tuna sandwich on the left with canned tuna and fresh steak on the right to show difference

Canned Tuna Weights, Calories & Nutrition

In the sections below, I’ll go through everything you need to know about canned tuna, weights, and nutrition, including tuna canned in oil and added ingredients such as mayo.

Figures are based on official data based on individual brands’ nutrition and data from the USDA.

Canned Tuna Serving Sizes

Recommended serving sizes of tuna can vary slightly depending on where you look and the size of the pack.

As a general rule, a serving of canned tuna is the drained weight of half a standard 5oz can of tuna, which in the USA is equal to 2oz or 57g.

Servings vary slightly depending on which country you buy tuna and whether metric or imperial weights are used (oz or g). Below are the standard serving sizes for the USA in imperial weights and the UK, which uses metric weights.

USA Can & Serving Sizes

A standard US can of tuna weighs 5oz (142g), including added liquid, usually water, oil, or brine. The average drained tuna weight of a 5oz can is 4oz (113g), and half a can of this size weighs 2oz (57g) which is classed as one serving.

UK Can & Serving Sizes

A standard metric can of tuna sold in the UK weighs 145g (5.4oz), including added liquid, with an average drained weight of 102g (3.6oz). A serving from a 145g can of tuna is equal to half a can and weighs 51g (1.9oz).

Some brands have also started to produce ‘no drain’ canned tuna, which weighs 110g and 55g per serving or half a can.

Canned Tuna Weights & Calories

The table below shows conversion weights and calories for various servings of canned tuna.

Calories are based on official data from the USDA (see link below) for tuna canned in water, but they can vary slightly between brands. Please note that calorie values will be higher if your tuna is canned in oil, so you might want to skip to the next section to find the information you need.

Serving Weight of Canned TunaConversion WeightCalories (In kcal) 1.16
2oz (half a drained US can)57g66kcal
4oz (whole drained US can)113g131kcal
51g (half a drained UK can)1.9oz59kcal
102g (half a drained UK can)3.6oz118kcal
25g of canned tuna0.9oz29kcal
50g of canned tuna1.8oz58kcal
100g of canned tuna3.5oz116kcal
125g of canned tuna4.4oz145kcal
150g of canned tuna5.3oz174kcal
175g of canned tuna6.2oz203kcal
200g of canned tuna7.1oz232kcal
1oz of canned tuna28g32kcal
3oz of canned tuna85g99kcal
4oz of canned tuna113g131kcal
5oz of canned tuna142g165kcal

For more specific weight and calorie information for any serving, you might like to use the calculator at the bottom of this page.

Canned Tuna With Added Ingredients Calories

The table below shows the calories for a serving (half a can of tuna) with some added ingredients, often served with tuna to help you work out the calories per serving.

These figures are based on averages and calories taken from top brand nutritional information; please note that calories may vary slightly for each brand of product.

Canned Tuna Type & Serving SizeCalories Per Serving
Tuna Canned in Sunflower oil (drained) / 56g (2oz)110kcal
Tuna Canned in Olive oil (drained) / 56g (2oz)115kcal
56g (2oz) Tuna with 13g Full-Fat Mayo156kcal
56g (2oz)Tuna with 15g Light Mayo101kcal
56g (2oz) Tuna 15g Full-Fat Ranch131kcal
56g (2oz) Tuna with 15g Light Ranch96kcal
56g (2oz) Tuna with 15g Salad Cream111kcal

Canned Tuna Nutritional Information

The table below shows the high-level nutritional information for typical canned tuna, canned in spring water and without salt.

As you can see, tuna is a carb-free, low-fat food that is high in protein, making it an excellent choice for those on a low-carb diet or wanting to increase their protein intake.

Nutrition TypeAmount Per 100g
Of which are sugars0g
Dietary Fiber0g
Saturated Fat0.23g

Fresh Tuna Weights, Calories & Nutrition

Moving onto fresh tuna weights, calories, and nutrition for raw or fresh tuna steaks. The data in the sections below are based on official USDA data, but figures can vary very slightly depending on the tuna variety.

How Much Does a Tuna Steak Weigh?

An average-sized tuna steak that you can buy from larger stores weighs around 100-120g per steak, although you can get heavier or thicker cut steaks from fishmongers.

The USDA confirms that a boneless raw tuna weighs 16g per one-inch square, so if you don’t have scales, you can work out the approximate weight of a tuna steak by measurement instead.

A serving of tuna is considered as one steak per person or 100-120g raw weight. If you’re using the cooked weight to work out calories, keep in mind that fresh tuna will shrink by around 25% of the original weight once cooked.

Fresh Tuna Calories

The table below shows the calories per tuna steak for various weights; this is based on USDA calorie data using the raw tuna weight.

Fresh Tuna Steak WeightConversion WeightCalories Per Serving

Fresh Tuna Nutrition

Below is the nutritional information for fresh tuna; just like canned tuna, the fresh version contains no carbs, is low in fat, and is high in protein.

Nutrition TypeAmount per 100g of Fresh Tuna
Of which are sugars0g
Dietary Fiber0g
Saturated Fat0.17g

Tuna Calorie Calculator

The calculator below will help you work out the calorie content for various types of tuna and any serving size.

Select your tuna type and input your tuna weight to begin:

More Tuna Weights, Servings & Nutrition FAQs

How much does an average tuna steak weigh?

An average-sized tuna steak which is generally sold in a pack of two weighs around 100-120g per steak, although you can get thicker steaks that weigh more.

What is the drained weight of a can of tuna?

The average weight of a standard can of drained tuna is 102-113g of tuna. Some brands now produce no-drain tuna which will yield around 110g of tuna meat per standard can.

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To ensure the nutritional information used in this article is accurate, I have used data from the USDA; the links below contain the source information in case you need it:

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