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Staffordshire Oatcakes Weights and Calories

Staffordshire Oatcakes are a great alternative to bread if you can actually get them because they’re pretty niche to Staffordshire in the UK, but you can find them in other areas such as North England and Wales.

If you’ve never had one, they’re very much like an oaty savory pancake which are often filled with cheese or breakfast items such as sausage or bacon. They’re also really nice on their own spread with butter.

However you like them, if you’re wondering about weights and calories so you can work out how many are in your serving, I’ve put together this article to help you to find out what you need to know.

Individual Staffordshire Oatcake Weight Conversion

I did the research and weighed individual oatcakes, to find an average weight using the brand ‘North Staffordshire Oatcakes’ the total weight of the pack of six came to 391g.

The average weight of an individual Staffordshire oatcake is around 65g per oatcake.

The conversion chart below shows this in terms of metric and imperial weights:

Weight TypeAverage Individual
Oatcake Weight

Staffordshire Oatcake Weights and Calories (in Multiples)

The pack information confirms that one oatcake contains 187kcal per 100g, so using an average oatcake weight of 65g the number of calories in an individual oatcake is 122kcal.

The chart below shows the weights and calories (rounded to the nearest whole number) of an average oatcake in multiples depending on your serving size:

Number of
Staffordshire Oatcakes
(in grams and ounces)
Calories (in kcal)

Obviously, this figure will vary slightly between the brand and for homemade oatcakes, but most brand oatcakes do tend to be of a similar size.

More Staffordshire Oatcake FAQ’s

Are Staffordshire Oatcakes Low Carb?

While they do contain carbs, weight for weight Staffordshire oatcakes contain fewer carbs than bread at 31g per 100g of oatcakes compared to an average of 50g of carbs in 100g of white bread. There are around 20g of carbs per average oatcake.

How Many Calories Are in a Staffordshire Oatcake with Cheese?

Based on an average-sized oatcake (65g) and a 30g serving of cheddar cheese, the total amount of calories in one Staffordshire oatcake with cheese is around 243kcal per serving.

Equipment and Information Used for This Article

I used precision scales that weigh to 0.01 of a gram which is regularly calibrated with a 100g weight. For more information see my recommended weighing scales here.

To make sure the information in this article is accurate, I researched and cross-referenced various sources (as well as original research) to obtain the correct weights and calories.

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