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Spinach Weights, Calories & Servings (with calculator & Charts)

In this article, I’ve put together a calculator and charts so you can quickly work out the exact weights, servings, and calories of various portions of spinach.

How Much Spinach is in a Serving?

A serving of spinach is one US cup/30g/1.1oz of uncooked spinach or two US cups/60g/2.1oz of uncooked spinach which is then steamed. A 30g (1.1oz) serving of uncooked spinach contains 7 calories (in kcal).

Because spinach can be eaten raw or cooked it’s important to know the weight differences between the two because spinach releases water and shrinks when cooked. For more information on before and after cooking, weights see the section further down this page.

Spinach Serving Calculator

If you need to plan for a meal that includes spinach as a side dish, then use the calculator below to work out how much you’ll need for your party size (in both metric and imperial weights).

This calculator is based on uncooked weights in both imperial and metric. If you are going to be cooking or steaming your spinach I would recommend selecting the large portion option due to shrinkage (see below for more information on shrinkage).

How Much Does Spinach Shrink When Cooked?

When spinach is steamed (without water) it releases water and shrinks in size and weight. To find out how much spinach shrinks during cooking, I did some testing by steaming different portion sizes to get an average amount, and I got the following result:

On average, spinach reduces in weight by 20% when it is steamed and excess liquid is drained away and this rule can be applied to any serving size.

The cooked weight of spinach = the original weight minus 20%

Using the example in the image below, I steamed 100g of spinach leaves without water and then drained away the liquid which came out of the spinach during cooking and the cooked weight was 80g.

what 100g of spinach looks like before and after cooking

Spinach Weight and Calorie Chart

Use the chart below to find more serving weights and calories, this chart is based on average weights in both metric and imperial. The calorie information is based on approved values from MyFitnessPal.

Spinach Serving Size (uncooked)Conversion WeightCalories (in kcal)

How Much Does a Cup of Spinach Weigh?

Uncooked and cooked spinach weights are very different, so I weighed cups of both to get accurate information.

The average weight of one US cup of uncooked spinach is 30g/1.1oz and the weight of a US cup of cooked and drained spinach is 200g (7.05oz).

the weight of a cup of uncooked and cooked spinach

The table below shows more spinach weights in terms of cups, along with calories per serving:

Amount of spinach in US cupsWeight in grams and ouncesCalories per Serving
1/2 cup (uncooked)15g/0.53oz3
1 cup (uncooked)30g/1.06oz7
2 cups (uncooked)60g/2.12oz14
3 cups (uncooked)90g/3.17oz21
4 cups (uncooked)120g/4.23oz28
5 cups (uncooked)150g/5.29oz34
1/2 cup (cooked)100g/3.53oz23
1cup (cooked)200g/7.05oz46
2 cups (cooked)400g/14.11oz92
3 cups (cooked)600g/21.16oz138
4 cups (cooked)800g/28.22oz184
5 cups (cooked)1000g/35.27oz230

How Much Does a Handful of Spinach Weigh?

Some advice states that a serving of uncooked spinach is a handful, but it’s not clear how much a handful is in terms of weight, so I did the research to find out.

An average handful of uncooked spinach weighs 20g (0.7oz) and contains 5 calories (in kcal).

More Spinach Weight FAQs

How much is a bunch of spinach?

A bunch is defined as a group of something which is held together. If you need a value for a bunch of spinach an average figure would be 100-150g (3.5-5.3oz).

How much is a bag of spinach?

If you buy bags of spinach from a store or supermarket, an average-sized bag is usually around 250g (8.82oz) and larger bags of leaf spinach are 500g (17.64oz).

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