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How Much Is A Serving Of Almond Milk? (With Calculator)

Almond milk is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to dairy thanks to its lower calorie and fat content, but how much should you be consuming at any one time?

The serving guidance for sweetened and unsweetened almond milk is one cup, which is equal to a weight of 244g or eight ounces. A cup serving of unsweetened almond milk contains 46kcal and a cup of the sweetened version contains 73kcal.

Read on to find out much more about almond milk servings, including a servings calculator, nutrition per cup, and a guide to the number of servings per pack.

Almond Milk Serving Per Person

The USDA recommended serving of almond milk is one cup which weighs 244g per serving, but you might notice that most almond milk nutritional labels advise a serving of 240g to simplify the weight.

A 244g (8oz) serving of sweetened almond milk contains 73 calories (in kcal) and a serving of unsweetened almond milk contains 46 calories, making it a lower-calorie alternative to dairy milk.

Almond Milk Serving Calculator

The calculator below will help you to work out the amount of almond milk you need for any number of people in metric and imperial weights.

Select your weight type, and enter the number of people you want to serve to get started:

What’s In A Serving Of Almond Milk?

The table below shows the nutrients that are in a cup of unsweetened and sweetened almond milk so you can compare the two (as per official data from the USDA – reference links are at the bottom of this page).

The key points that we can take away from this data include:

  • The sugar content of unsweetened almond milk is 9.6g less than the sweetened version.
  • If you’re on a low-carb diet, unsweetened almond milk is over 10g lower in carbs than sweetened.
  • Both kinds of milk are low in calories when compared to whole cow’s milk, but unsweetened almond milk is very low in calories, which makes it a good switch if you’re trying to maintain a calorie deficit.
Nutrition TypeAmount Per Cup of
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Amount Per Cup of
Sweetened Almond Milk
Total Fat2.34g2.27g
Saturated Fat0.08g0.077g
Chart comparing sweet & unsweetened almond milk nutrition

Did You Know?

A serving of unsweetened almond milk contains just under half the calories of 1% fat cow’s milk and more calcium per serving. It contains a similar amount of fat per serving and 10g fewer natural sugars compared to 1%.

Almond Milk Cup Conversion Chart

The chart below will help you convert almond milk cup measurements to grams or fluid ounces. This conversion will work for any kind of almond milk and is based on the cup weight of 244g (as per the USDA).

Measurement in cups (US)
Conversion weight
in metric (grams & kilos)
Conversion weight
in imperial (ounces & pounds)
1/4 cup61g2 fl oz
1/3 cup81g2.66 fl oz
1/2 cup122g4 fl oz
3/4 cup183g6 fl oz
1 cup244g8 fl oz
2 cups488g16 fl oz
3 cups732g24 fl oz
4 cups976g32 fl oz
5 cups1220g40 fl oz
6 cups1464g48 fl oz
7 cups1708g56 fl oz
8 cups1952g64 fl oz
9 cups2196g72 fl oz
10 cups2440g80 fl oz
Table to show almond milk cup conversion weights

Almond Milk Calorie Chart Per Serving

The quick reference chart below will help you to convert various weights of almond milk, along with the calories per serving for sweetened and unsweetened almond milk.

This is based on USDA figures which confirm that unsweetened almond milk contains 19kcal per 100g (0.19kcal per gram) and sweetened almond milk contains 30kcal per 100g (0.3kcal per gram).

Serving weightSweetened Almond Milk
Calories Per Serving
Sweetened Almond Milk
Calories Per Serving
25g / 0.82 fl oz5kcal8kcal
50g / 1.64 fl oz9.5kcal15kcal
75g / 2.46 fl oz14kcal23kcal
100g / 3.28 fl oz19kcal30kcal
125g / 4.1 fl oz24kcal375kcal
150g / 4.92 fl oz29kcal45kcal
175g / 5.74 fl oz33kcal53kcal
200g / 6.56 fl oz38kcal60kcal
225g / 7.38 fl oz43kcal68kcal
250g / 8.2 fl oz48kcal75kcal
275g / 9.02 fl oz52kcal83kcal
300g / 9.84 fl oz57kcal90kcal
Table to show weights and calories for various servings of almond milk

Servings Per Pack Of Almond Milk

You can buy almond milk in various pack sizes depending on how much you get through in a week.

The table below will help you to convert pack size weights and the number of servings (8oz cups) you can expect to get per pack.

Almond Milk
Pack Size
Conversion WeightNumber of Servings
Per Pack
32 fl oz946ml4 cups
48 fl oz1.4 liters6 cups
59 fl oz1.74 liters7 cups
Half Gallon /64 Fl Oz1.89 liters8 cups
96 fl oz2.84 liters12 cups
Table to show servings per pack of almond milk

More Almond Milk Weight FAQs

How many ounces is two cups of almond milk?

Two cups of unsweetened or sweetened almond milk weighs 16 fl oz (or one pound) which is equivalent to 488g.

How many calories are in 100ml of almond milk?

100ml of unsweetened almond milk weighs about 104g and a serving of this weight weighs 20kcal or 31kcal if the almond milk is sweetened.

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