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Plum Weights and Calories (With Calculator)

Use this page to help you to calculate the weights and calories of any serving size or portion of plums.

The easy-to-use calculator and charts below will help you to calculate both cooking weight conversions and calorie amounts depending on what you need.

Plum Calculator

The calculator below will help you to quickly calculate the weight and calories of your portion of plums.

This is based on an average weight of 55g (1.9oz) per average-sized fruit.

I have also used the assumption that an average-sized plum contains 25kcal (as per My FitnessPal).

How Much Does a Plum weigh?

After weighing various-sized plums and different varieties, I found an average plum weight, as follows:

The average weight of one average-sized plum is around 55g (1.9oz).

A small plum weighs around 30-40g (1.1-1.4oz) and a large plum weighs around 60-70g (2.1-2.5oz) per fruit.

ConversionWeight of One Average

How Many Plums are in a Portion?

The recommended portion of plums is two fruit per serving. Two average-sized plums weigh around 110g (3.9oz) in total and contain around 50kcal per portion.

If plums are smaller or larger, this portion can be adjusted accordingly, for example, 4 small 25g (0.88oz) plums would be equal to two average-sized plums, and one large plum may be enough for a serving.

Weight of a Plum Stone/Pit

If you need to deduct the stone or pit weight from your portion to calculate cooking weight or calorie values, then here’s the information to help you calculate the figures:

The average weight of a plum stone (pit) which is found at the center of the fruit is around three grams per stone.

Plum Weight FAQ’s

How many plums are in a pound?

Based on an average-sized plum weighing around 55g (1.9oz), there are around 8 plums in a pound.

How many plums are in a kilogram?

Based on an average-sized plum weighing around 55g (1.9oz), there are around 18 plums in a kilogram.

Equipment and Information Used for This Article

I used precision scales that weigh to 0.01 of a gram which is regularly calibrated with a 100g weight. For more information see my recommended weighing scales here.

To make sure the information in this article is accurate, I researched and cross-referenced various sources (as well as original research) to obtain the correct weights and calories.

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