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Pecan Nut Weights & Calories (Including Calculator & Charts)

Use this page to help you to calculate the weights and calories of any serving size or portion of pecans.

The easy-to-use calculator and charts below will help you to calculate both cooking weight conversions and calorie amounts depending on what you need.

Pecan Calculator

The calculator below will help you to quickly calculate the weight and calories of your portion of pecans.

This calculator is based on an average unshelled half pecan weight of 1.8g (oz) per kernel.

I have also used the assumption that the average pecan is equal to 13kcal (as per My FitnessPal).

How Much Does a Pecan Weigh?

I weighed a large number of half pecan kernels (as sold in stores) and found the following:

The average weight of one-half pecan kernel is 1.8g (0.063oz).

ConversionWeight of One Average

How Much Does a Cup of pecans Weigh

I weighed a cup full of average-sized pecans and found the following:

A full US cup of pecans weighs around 125g (4.4oz) and contains around 69 individual pecans halves in total.

Half a US cup of pecans weighs around 63g (2.2oz) and contains around 35 individual pecans in total.

US cupful of pecan nuts

How Many Pecans are in a Portion?

Although pecans are a good source of protein, they’re also relatively high in natural fats and calories so if you’re calorie counting, it’s a good idea to know how many are in a portion.

The recommended portion/serving size per portion of pecans is 1oz/28g. Based on the average pecans weighing 1.8g, there are around 16 pecans in a serving and an average serving contains 208 calories (in kcal).

Pecans Weight & Calorie Chart

The conversion table below shows more pecans portions to help you quickly work out the weight and calories for your portion.

This chart is based on the assumption that an average pecan kernel weighs 1.8g (0.063oz) and that pecans of this size contain around 13 calories.

Because pecans are a natural product, some weigh more and some weigh less than the average amount.

Pecan serving size
(1 = a half kernel, as sold)
Average weight
(in grams and ounces)
Average calories
(in kcal)
1 half kernel1.8g/0.06oz13
2 half kernels3.6g/0.13oz26
3 half kernels5.4g/0.19oz39
4 half kernels7.2g/0.25oz52
5 half kernels9g/0.3oz65
6 half kernels10.8g/0.38oz78
7 half kernels12.6g/0.44oz91
8 half kernels14.4g/0.5oz104
9 half kernels16.2g/0.57oz117
10 half kernels18g/0.6oz130
1 serving (16 half kernels)28g/1oz208
1/2 portion (8 half kernels)14g/0.5oz104
25g 25g/0.9oz181
50g 50g/1.8oz361
75g 75g/2.6oz542

Pecan Weight FAQ’s

How many pecans are in 100g?

Based on an average pecan kernel weighing 1.8g (0.06oz) there are a total of around 56 half pecan kernels in 100g.

How many pecans are in a pound?

Based on an average pecan kernel weighing 1.8g (0.06oz) there are a total of around 252 half pecan kernels in a pound.

How many pecans are in a kilogram?

Based on an average pecan kernel weighing 1.8g (0.06oz) there are a total of around 556 half pecan kernels in a kilogram.

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