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Peanut Butter Weights, Servings & Calories (With Calculator)

Peanut butter is a pantry staple that makes an excellent sandwich filling, a quick snack, or a baking ingredient.

Because peanut butter is high in natural fats and often has added oil and sugar, a small amount can contain more calories than you might think.

I’ve put together this ultimate guide to help you find weights and calories for any serving and type of peanut butter, including creamy, crunchy, and natural peanut butter.

Read on to find out much more in easy-to-use charts, and use our unique peanut butter calculator to get the calorie information you need.

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How Much is a Serving of Peanut Butter?

To work out weights and calories, it helps to know recommended serving sizes and weights so you can judge how much peanut butter is a good amount.

A serving of smooth (creamy) or crunchy peanut butter in the USA is considered to be 2 level tablespoons which weighs a total of 32g (1.1oz).

Two tablespoons of generic smooth peanut butter contain 190kcal, although this can vary slightly per brand and type of peanut butter (see individual brands below for specific calorie information).

Government recommended serving sizes vary depending on where you live, and in the UK, a serving of peanut butter is 15g (0.5oz), which is less than half a US serving.

More Peanut Butter Serving Weights

The table below shows some more typical peanut butter servings in various spoon sizes, with conversions into grams and ounces and calories per serving.

Please note that calories are based on an average, and they may vary slightly per brand.

Peanut Butter Serving SizeWeight Conversion in
Grams & Ounces
Calories Per Serving
One Teaspoon5g / 0.18oz30kcal
Two Teaspoons10g / 0.35oz59kcal
One Dessert Spoon11g / 0.39oz65kcal
Two Dessert Spoons22g / 0.78oz131kcal
One Tablespoon (half serving)16g / 0.56oz95kcal
Two Tablespoons (one serving)32g / 0.13oz190kcal

Peanut Butter Calculator

The calculator below will help you find the average calories and weight conversions for any creamy (smooth) or crunchy peanut butter serving.

Figures are based on official USDA data; however, please note that calorie content can vary between brands and depending on added ingredients.

Select your weight preference to continue:

Peanut Butter Cup Weights

The USDA confirms that a US cup of peanut butter weighs an average of 258g (9.1oz) per cup.

If you prefer to measure using cups, the table below shows the average cup weights and conversions for creamy (smooth) or crunchy peanut butter.

US Cup SizePeanut Butter Conversion Weight
In Grams
Peanut Butter Conversion Weight
In Ounces
1 cup258g9.1oz
1/2 cup129g4.6oz
3/4 cup194g6.8oz
2/3 cup172g6.1oz
1/4 cup65g2.3oz
1/3 cup86g3oz

Peanut Butter Calories – Various Brands

Peanut butter has always been popular, but the varieties have recently increased due to the popularity of certain diets where high fat/low carb nut butters are an everyday staple.

Brands vary between countries; although some are sold worldwide, the tables below show the calories for top brands and various kinds of peanut butter that are available in the USA and UK.

USA Brands

The table below shows some leading USA brands of peanut butter; please note servings are based on two tablespoons of peanut butter that weigh 32g (1.1oz), but some weights may vary slightly, and If so, I’ve noted them below.

BrandPeanut Butter TypeCalories Per 2 tablespoon Serving
JifCreamy Peanut Butter190kcal
JifExtra Crunchy Peanut Butter190kcal
JifNatural Creamy Peanut Butter190kcal
JifNatural Crunchy Peanut Butter190kcal
JifReduced-Fat Peanut Butter190kcal
JifNo Added Sugar Creamy Peanut Butter200kcal
SkippyCreamy Peanut Butter190kcal
SkippyNatural Creamy Peanut Butter190kcal
SkippyExtra Crunchy Peanut Butter190kcal
SkippyNatural Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter190kcal
SkippyNatural Creamy Peanut Butter with Honey200kcal
SkippyRoasted Honey Nut Creamy Peanut Butter200kcal
Peter PanCreamy Peanut Butter200kcal
Peter PanCrunchy Peanut Butter210kcal
Peter PanHoney Roast Creamy Peanut Butter200kcal
Peter PanWhipped Creamy Peanut Butter140kcal (23g)
Peter PanCreamy Peanut Butter Plus190kcal

UK Brands

The table below shows the calorie values for some top brands of peanut butter. Calorie values are based on a 15g (0.5oz) serving of peanut butter.

BrandPeanut Butter TypeCalories Per 15g Serving
SunpatSmooth Peanut Butter89kcal
SunpatCrunchy Peanut Butter89kcal
Whole EarthSmooth Peanut Butter97kcal
Whole EarthCrunchy Peanut Butter97kcal
MeridianSmooth Peanut Butter89kcal
MeridianCrunchy Peanut Butter89kcal
MeridianSmooth Peanut Butter 100% Nuts89kcal
Nuts About NatureSmooth 100% Peanut Butter91kcal
Nuts About NatureCrunchy 100% Peanut Butter91kcal
MarmiteCrunchy Peanut Butter87kcal
Pip & NutSmooth Peanut Butter91kcal
Pip & NutCrunchy Peanut Butter91kcal

As you can see from the brand comparisons, most brands of peanut butter contain a similar amount of calories per serving.

Interestingly, lower fat and sugar varieties don’t contain any less calories because it’s substituted for something else, for example, no sugar but more fat.

How Much Does a Jar of Peanut Butter Weigh?

If you’re wondering how much a jar of peanut butter weighs, then here’s the information you need. Please note that these are net weights, excluding the jar.

A standard jar of peanut butter weighs 40oz (1.1kg) in the USA, and a small jar weighs one pound (16oz or 454g).

In the UK, most standard jars of peanut butter weigh 340g (12oz), with a large jar weighing 700g (24.7oz) and tubs weighing 1kg (1.54lb).

Peanut Butter Nutritional Information

The table below shows the nutritional information for regular peanut butter (smooth or crunchy). Some main nutritional points to call out are that peanut butter is high in natural fats (mainly good fats) and is high in protein.

It’s also fairly low in carbs, especially if you choose a no-added-sugar version.

Peanut butter contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals and is high in vitamin E and niacin (Vitamin B3).

Nutrition TypeAmount Per Two Tablespoon (32g) Serving
Of which are sugars3.36g
Dietary Fiber1.6g
Saturated Fat3.3g
Sodium136mg / 6% daily value
Calcium2% daily value
Potassium4% daily value
Iron4% daily value
Vitamin E10% daily value
Riboflavin2% daily value
Niacin20% daily value

More Peanut Butter Weight, Servings & Calories FAQs

Are there more calories in creamy peanut butter?

Although the name would suggest it has added ingredients to make it creamy, this style of peanut butter gets its name from the fact there are no crunchy pieces of peanut in the mix. Most brands produce both smooth and crunchy peanut butter, and these usually contain the same amount of calories per serving.

How many calories are in four tablespoons of peanut butter?

Four level tablespoons of peanut butter weigh 64g (2.3oz), and this amount of peanut butter contains 380 calories (in kcal).

How many servings of peanut butter are in a jar?

A standard jar of peanut butter weighs 40oz in the USA, and the recommended serving is 32g. Based on these weights, there are 35 servings in a jar. A small jar weighs one pound / 16oz and contains 14 servings.

Source References

To ensure the nutritional information used in this article is accurate, I have used data from the USDA; the link below contains the source information in case you need it:

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