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Malteser Weights and Calories (With Calculator and Charts)

Maltesers are often marketed as the lighter chocolate option and are a treat that doesn’t always break the calorie bank.

In this article, I’ve put together a calculator and charts so you can quickly work out the exact weights and calories of various portions of Mars Maltesers.

How Much Does a Malteser Weigh?

I weighed individual Maltesers from a large pack to get an average weight per chocolate.

The average weight of one Malteser is 2g or 0.07oz.

Use the table to find more conversion weights of one Malteser:

ConversionWeight of a Malteser

Malteser Weight and Calorie Calculator

Use the calculator below to work out the weight and calories for your serving of Maltesers.

This is based on an average Malteser weight of 2g (0.07oz) and that each Malteser contains 10 calories (in kcal).

How Many Maltesers are in a Serving?

According to Malteser pack information, one serving is classed as a standard-sized 37g (1.3oz) pack or a third of a 102g (3.6oz) pouch or standard 110g (3.9oz) box.

Based on an average weight of 2g per Malteser there are around 19 Maltesers in a 37g serving.

Serving sizes can vary depending on the size of the pack, see the chart below for more information.

Malteser Pack Sizes

Maltesers come in a variety of pack sizes, all of which have different recommended portion sizes.

The table below shows the most recent pack sizes which are widely available in stores and supermarkets.

Malteser Pack SizeWeightCalories per Serving
Fun size mini19.5g/0.7oz98kcal
Standard individual pack37g/1.3oz187kcal
Standard pouch102g/3.6oz1/3 pack (34g) 171kcal
Large pouch189g/6.7oz1/4 pack (47.2g) 237kcal
Standard box110g/3.9oz1/3 pack (36.6g) 184kcal
Gift Box310g/10.9oz1/8 pack (38.75g) 195kcal

Malteser Weight and Calorie Chart

Use the chart below to find more Malteser serving weights and calories, these figures are based on an average Malteser weighing 2g (0.07oz) and that they contain 5.04kcal per gram (as per pack information)

Malteser Serving SizeAverage WeightCalories (in kcal)
1 Malteser2g/0.07oz10
2 Maltesers4g/0.14oz20
3 Maltesers6g/0.2oz30
4 Maltesers8g/0.28oz40
5 Maltesers10g/0.35oz50
6 Maltesers12g/0.42oz60
7 Maltesers14g/0.49oz71
8 Maltesers16g/0.56oz81
9 Maltesers18g/0.63oz91
10 Maltesers20g/0.7oz101

Key Takeaways

  • Average Malteser Weight: One individual Malteser has an average weight of 2g or 0.07oz.
  • Caloric Content: Each Malteser contains approximately 10 calories (in kcal).
  • Serving Size: According to Malteser pack information, a standard-sized 37g (1.3oz) pack contains around 19 Maltesers, based on the average weight of 2g per Malteser.
  • Pack Sizes and Calories: Maltesers are available in various pack sizes, from fun size mini packs to gift boxes. For instance, a standard individual pack of 37g/1.3oz contains 187kcal, while a gift box of 310g/10.9oz has a serving size of 195kcal for 1/8 pack (38.75g).
  • Malteser Serving Chart: The article provides a detailed chart showing the weight and caloric content of different Malteser serving sizes, from 1 Malteser to 100g, aiding in portion control and calorie counting.

More Malteser FAQs

How many Maltesers are in a box?

There are around 55 Maltesers in a standard 110g (3.9oz) box and around 155 Maltesers in a large 310g (10.9oz) gift-sized box.

How many Maltesers are in a pouch?

There are around 51 Maltesers in a standard 102g (3.6oz) pouch and around 95 Maltesers in a large 189g (6.7oz) pouch.

How many Maltesers are in 100g?

Based on an average weight of 2g (0.07oz) per Malteser, there are around 50 Maltesers in 100g.

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