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How Much Does A Lemon Weigh? (In Charts)

If you need to know how much lemons weigh, then look no further, because we have all the information to help you find everything you need to know about lemon weights.

The quick answer is, one average-sized lemon weighs around 120g (4.2oz), with the smallest weighing around 85g (3oz) and the largest weighing about 140g (4.9oz).

Read on to find out much more, including zest, and slice weights along with conversions for multiple lemons.

If you need to work out how many calories are in lemon, use the calculator in the link below:

Lemon juice calorie calculator

How Much Does a Lemon Weigh? (In Grams, Ounces, Kilograms, and Pounds)

The table below shows the conversion weights of an average-sized whole lemon in metric and imperial weights:

Weight TypeAverage Lemon Weight Conversion
Lemon weight

These weights are based on average-sized grocery store lemons and are based on an average from a selection of fruit.

You can buy bigger lemons (especially if you’re lucky enough to live in a climate where lemons are grown locally) and there will also be smaller ones too, but this figure is based on an average.

The image below shows what average-sized lemons look like and how much is weighs in grams on a scale:

image to show the size of an average lemon and that it weighs around 120g on a scale

How Many Lemons are in a Pound (and Multiple lbs)?

Based on an average weight of 4.2oz (120g) there are around four lemons in a pound of lemons.

As an example, the sack of lemons in the image above weighed just over 1lb (1.06lb) for four lemons.

The table below shows the number of lemons on average you’d get for multiple lbs (based on an average of 4.2oz (120g) per lemon):

Average weight in-lbAverage amount
of lemons

How much Zest Do You Get From a Lemon?

The zest of a lemon is often used in baking such as cake or lemon curd, but it’s not the easiest thing to weigh or measure in teaspoons, so I’ve done that for you.

I zested average-sized lemons with a fine grater taking off as much as the outer layer of zest as possible and the outcome was as follows:

The finely grated outer zest of one average-sized (unwaxed) lemon weighs around two grams in total. This is equal to around one level teaspoon of zest per lemon.

The images below show what the zest of a whole lemon looks like in terms of weight and as a teaspoon measurement.

weight of a zested lemon = 2g
teaspoon of lemon zest is the zest of one lemon

How Much Juice is in a Lemon?

I juiced some average-sized lemons by hand to find out the average amount of juice a lemon produces.

For this measurement, I squeezed out as much juice as I could by hand, however it might be possible to get a little bit more if you used an electric juicer (which juices the whole fruit).

The average amount of juice that one lemon produced was 30g/30ml-45g/ml which is equal to two to three tablespoons of juice.

The chart below shows some more conversion measurements on lemon juice weights:

juice of one lemon weighs 30g

Amount of
Juiced Lemons
US Cup
1 lemon30 – 452 – 31.01 – 1.520.13 – 0.19
2 lemons60 – 904 – 62.03 – 3.040.25 – 0.38
3 lemons90 -1356 – 93.04 – 4.560.38 – 0.57
4 lemons120 – 1808 – 124.06 – 6.090.50 – 0.76
5 lemons150 – 22510 – 155.07 – 7.600.63 – 0.95
6 lemons180 – 27012 – 186.09 – 9.130.76 – 1.14

How Much Does a Slice of Lemon Weigh?

If you take an average-sized lemon of around 120g (4.2 ounces) and slice it into eight slices each slice weighs around 10-15g.

If the lemon is sliced into four then each slice will weigh around 30g.

When an average-sized lemon is sliced in half it will weigh around 60 grams.

slice of lemon equals 10-15g

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