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Kiwi Fruit Weights, Calories And Servings (In Charts)

In this article, I’ve put together a calculator and charts so you can quickly work out the exact weights and calories of various portions of kiwi fruit.

How Much Does a Kiwi Fruit Weigh?

I did the research by weighing a number of kiwi fruit to find an average weight per fruit and found the following:

Kiwi fruit are generally sold in two size grades which are medium and large, the average weight of one medium kiwi fruit is 75-80g/oz and the average weight of one large kiwi fruit is 100-120g.

Use the table to find more conversion weights of one kiwi fruit for both size grades:

Weight conversionWeight of an average
medium kiwi fruit
Weight of an average
large kiwi fruit

How Many Kiwi Fruit are in a Serving?

The recommended serving size of kiwi fruit as per NHS guidance is two medium kiwi fruit or one large kiwi fruit.

Two medium kiwi fruit weighing 75g (2.65oz) contain a total of 92 calories (in kcal) and a large kiwi weighing 100g (3.5oz) contains 61 calories.

How Much Does a Cup of Kiwi Fruit Weigh?

I weighed a US cupful of peeled and chopped kiwi fruit to find out how much it weighed and got the following results:

One US cup of chopped kiwi fruit weighs 180g or 6.35oz.

There are just over two large kiwi fruit in a cup once the skin has been removed.

image to show a US cup of kiwi fruit on a scale weighs 180g

The chart below shows more chopped kiwi fruit to cup conversion weights:

Kiwi Fruit US Cup amountMetric weightImperial Weight
1/3 cup60g/0.06kg2.1oz/0.13lb
1/2 cup90g/0.09kg3.2oz/0.2lb
1 cup180g/0.18kg6.3oz/0.4lb
2 cups360/0.36kg12.7oz/0.8lb
3 cups540/0.54kg19oz/1.2lb
4 cups720/0.72kg25.4oz/1.6lb
5 cups900/0.9kg31.7oz/2lb

How Many Kiwi Fruit are in a Pound or Kilogram?

The charts below show how many kiwi fruit are in a pound or kilogram (and multiple pounds and kilograms). This information is based on an average medium kiwi fruit weighing 75g and an average large kiwi fruit weighing 100g.

Figures are rounded to the nearest whole number (or fruit).


Number of poundsNumber of medium kiwi fruitNumber of large kiwi fruit


Number of kilogramsNumber of medium kiwi fruitNumber of large kiwi fruit

Kiwi Fruit Weight and Calorie Chart

Use the chart below to find more kiwi fruit serving weights and calories, these figures are based on an average kiwi fruit weights and that kiwi fruit contains 0.61kcal per gram.

Kiwi Fruit Serving SizeAverage Weight (in g & oz)Calories (in kcal)
1 medium fruit75g/2.6oz45
2 medium fruit150g/5.3oz90
3 medium fruit225g/7.9oz137
4 medium fruit300g/10.6oz183
5 medium fruit375g/13.2oz229
1 large fruit100g/3.5oz61
2 large fruit200g/7.1oz122
3 large fruit300g/10.6oz183
4 large fruit400g/14.1oz244
5 large fruit500g/17.6oz305
25g of kiwi25g/0.88oz15
50g of kiwi50g/1.76oz31
75g of kiwi75g/2.65oz46
100g of kiwi100g/3.53oz61
1oz of kiwi28.3g/1oz17
2oz of kiwi56.7g/2oz35
3oz of kiwi85g/3oz52
4oz of kiwi113.4g/4oz69
5oz of kiwi141.7g/5oz86
6oz of kiwi170g/6oz104

More Kiwi Fruit Weight FAQs

How much does kiwi fruit skin weigh?

The average weight of kiwi fruit skin and the tough part connecting the stalk weigh around 20g (0.7oz). This weight should be deducted from a kiwi fruit weight to find the edible weight and for working out calorie content.

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