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How Much Does a Croissant Weigh? (In Charts)

The croissant is one of our most loved pastries and is popular in many countries across the globe in various styles, sizes, and flavors.

In this article, I’ve put together the weights and calories of many sizes and brands to help you find the information you need.

Weight and Calories of a Standard-Sized Croissant

A standard-sized croissant is the type that is usually sold as part of a multipack or a supermarket’s own brand croissant.

Regular multipack pastries tend to be on the smaller size and not always ‘all butter’ (although some are).

The average weight of a standard-sized or multipack croissant is 40-60g (1.4-2.1oz) and the calorie content of a croissant of this size is around 160-180kcal per pastry. An ‘all butter’ croissant is usually higher in calories than a pastry containing a butter substitute.

The table below shows the conversion weights for a standard-sized croissant

Weight ValueStandard-Sized Croissant Weights
Ounces1.14 – 2.1oz

Weight and Calories of a Large Croissant

A large croissant is the luxury all-butter type pasty which you can buy in supermarkets or that you’ll find in a good quality bakery.

An average large butter croissant weighs around 60-80g (1.14-2.1oz) and the calorie content of a croissant this size is around 260-280kcal per pastry.

The table below shows the weight conversions for a large croissant:

Weight ValueLarge Croissant Weights

Brand Croissant Weights and Calories

For more specific croissant weights and calories the table below shows some more specific brand information (taken directly from the nutritional information of the brand):

Brand & TypeWeight per croissant
(in g and oz)
Calories per Croissant
(in kcal)
ASDA Extra Special All Butter
Croissants (4 pack)
ASDA All Butter
Croissants (4 pack)
Jus Rol Croissants Dough
(6 pack/350g)
Lidl Bakery Croissants76g/2.7oz273
La Boulangere Vegan Croissants40g/1.4oz164
Pret Butter Croissants
Ready to Bake (6 pack)
Pret Chocolate Filled Croissants
Ready to Bake (6 pack)
Sainsbury’s All Butter Croissants
(4 or 8 pack)
Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference
Butter Croissants (4 pack)
Tesco All Butter Croissants
(8 pack)
Tesco Finest All Butter Croissants
(4 pack)
Tesco Almond Croissants
(2 pack)
Waitrose Butter Croissants
(4 pack)

Pain Au Chocolat Weights and Calories

A Pain Au Chocolat is very similar to a croissant with the exception of its shape and the fact it’s filled with chocolate.

An average-sized Pain Au Chocolat weighs around 45-55g (1.6-1.9oz) and contains 180kcal, although some luxury all butter varieties are much higher in calories at around 240kcal per pastry.

The table below shows some popular brand weights and calories (based on pack nutritional information).

Brand & TypeWeight per Pain Au Chocolat
(in g and oz)
Calories per Pain Au Chocolat
(in kcal)
ASDA Bakers Selection
Pain Au Chocolat
(8 pack)
Brioche Pasquier
Pain Au Chocolat
(6 pack)
Jus Rol Pain Au Chocolat
Dough (6 pack)
La Boulangere Vegan
Pain Au Chocolat (6 pack)
Sainsbury’s Pain Au Chocolat (4 pack)52g/1.8oz242
Tesco All Butter
Pain Au Chocolat

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