How Much Bisto to Use Per Person (With Charts)

If you love a bit of Bisto on your roast, but you’re not sure how much you’re going to need per person, then look no further because I’ve put this article together to help you work out the portion size you need.

The average amount of Bisto gravy granules or powder per person for an average-sized serving is one heaped teaspoon mixed with 70ml of boiling water. For a more generous serving, allow for 1.5 teaspoons with 105ml of water.

Read on to see how much Bisto you need for multiple servings, along with some tips on how to make your gravy thicker and how to prevent it from going lumpy.

Person pouring gravy on a roast dinner

How Many Bisto Granules to Use Per Person

When it comes to gravy some people can’t get enough, but others just like a little bit over their meat or veg.

So the table below shows how much Bisto You will need per person for both generous and not so generous (average) portions.

This is based on a heaped teaspoon of Bisto weighing 6g and 70ml of boiling water per person.

The image shows what an average serving looks like on the plate, if this isn’t enough for you then go with the generous serving (see chart below).

One serving of Bisto Gravy
Number of PeopleAverage Bisto servingGenerous Bisto Serving
11 heaped tsp/70 ml water1.5 heaped teaspoons/105ml water
22 heaped tsp/140 ml water3 heaped teaspoons/210ml water
33 heaped tsp/210 ml water4.5 heaped teaspoons/315ml water
44 heaped tsp/280 ml water6 heaped teaspoons/420ml water
55 heaped tsp/350 ml water7.5 heaped teaspoons/525ml water
66 heaped tsp/420 ml water9 heaped teaspoons/630ml water
77 heaped tsp/490 ml water10.5 heaped teaspoons/735ml water
88 heaped tsp/560 ml water12 heaped teaspoons/840ml water
99 heaped tsp/630 ml water13.5 heaped teaspoons/945ml water
1010 heaped tsp/700 ml water15 heaped teaspoons/1050ml water
1111 heaped tsp/770 ml water16.5 heaped teaspoons/1,155ml water
1212 heaped tsp/840 ml water18 heaped teaspoons/1,260ml water

How Many People Does Half a Pint of Bisto Serve?

The instructions on the side of a Bisto jar or pack state that you need four heaped teaspoons of Bisto with half a pint (280ml) of water, but it doesn’t state how many people this serves.

I’ve tested this on my own family and can confirm that half-pint of Bisto Gravy is enough for four average servings or two to three more generous servings.

How to Make Your Bisto Gravy Thicker

The recommended amount on the side of the jar is not that thick, so if you like your gravy thicker then you will need to amend the Bisto to water ratio a little.

To make your gravy thicker, add an extra half a level teaspoon of granules/powder per portion (see chart above).

Alternatively, you can add the boiling water a bit at a time until you reach your desired thickness, but keep in mind that if you use less water you might have less gravy per person.

How to Stop Bisto Gravy From Going Lumpy

A great way to stop Bisto or any powdered gravy from going lumpy is by mixing it to a paste with a little cold water before you add the boiling water.

Or to make sure the gravy is as hot as possible you can mix the paste in a pan, add the boiling water and keep it warm over low heat.

The Bisto Best version makes a smoother gravy when compared to the original granules.

When I’m making Bisto gravy using the original granules, I usually leave it to stand for five minutes before serving. By giving it a little extra time, any lumps tend to melt away by the time you’re ready to serve.

Equipment and Information Used for This Article

I used precision scales that weigh to 0.01 of a gram which is regularly calibrated with a 100g weight. For more information see my recommended weighing scales here.

To make sure the information in this article is accurate, I researched and cross-referenced various sources (as well as original research) to obtain the correct weights and calories.

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