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Feta Cheese Weights, Calories & Servings (A Full Guide)

Feta cheese is a Greek cheese that is traditionally made from sheep or goat’s milk, or in some cases both. Over the years, it’s become increasingly popular because it provides an excellent source of protein while being very low in carbohydrates.

In this article, I’ve put together a calculator, charts, and images so that you can quickly find weight and calorie information for various servings of feta cheese.

The information in this article can help you work out both cooking weights and nutritional information, depending on what you need.

Feta Cheese Calorie & Weight Calculator

Use the calculator below to work out the calories for your portion depending on weight or cube size.

Calories in this calculator are based on an average of 274kcal per 100g (3.5oz) (as per pack information from popular brands) – please note this might vary slightly between brands.

Choose your weight type or feta cheese cube size to begin (if you’re not sure of the weight of your serving, take a look at the weight guide below):

Feta Cheese Weights

To work out servings and calories per portion of feta cheese, it’s helpful to know the weight of the serving or at least estimate the weight to get the correct figures.

The guide below will help you work out various feta weights depending on pack type and how you cut it up (if applicable).

The image below shows a typical example of how feta cheese is usually sold in shops and stores (as a block or ready cubed).

Feta Cheese Block

Feta cheese is typically sold in stores and supermarkets in a 200g (7oz) block so that it can be cubed or crumbled into various dishes.

A 200g (7oz) block of feta easily slices up into cubes by cutting it into four by six slices, which creates 24 large cubes, each weighing around 8.3g each (see the image below).

For smaller cubes, which weigh less, divide a 200g (7oz) block into six by eight slices, which will create 48 small cubes of fetta, each weighing around 4.2g (0.15oz).

Ready Cubed Feta Cheese

You can also buy ready-cubed feta cheese, which is usually sold in tubs with brine to keep the cheese fresh. Typical weights are 400g (14.1oz) per tub, with a drained net weight of 200g (7oz).

Ready cubed feta cubes are cut by machine so they’re small and don’t crumble, which can be a problem when you cut your cubes from a block.

Each cube of ready-cut feta weighs an average of around 2g (0.07oz) per cube and contains five calories (in kcal per cube).

How Much is a Serving of Feta Cheese?

According to Nourish by WebMD, the recommended serving of feta cheese is 28 grams or 1 ounce of cheese per portion.

How Many Cubes of Feta Are in a Serving?

The number of cubes per serving will depend on the size of the cube, so use the guide below to get an idea of how many cubes of feta you get per 28g/1oz serving (rounded to the nearest whole):

Feta Cheese Cube SizeNumber of Cubes Per 28g/1oz Serving
2g (from a pre-cubed pack)14 cubes
4.2g (200g block cut into 48)7 cubes
8.3g (200g block cut into 24)3 cubes

As you can see, there are fewer cubes per serving if the feta is cut into larger cubes, so if you’re counting your calories, it’s a good idea to know how much a cube weighs on average.

How Many Servings of Feta Cheese Are in a Pack?

Based on the recommended serving of 28g/1oz per potion, a standard 200g (7oz) pack of feta contains just over seven servings per pack.

The number of cubes in a pack will vary depending on their size; for example, there are around 100 small cubes in a 200g (7oz) pack of pre-cubed feta.

Feta Cheese Calories & Weights Per Serving

The chart below shows more calories for various serving sizes of feta cheese for you to use as a quick reference guide.

Calories in this chart are based on an average of 274kcal per 100g or 2.74kcal per gram (as per pack information from popular brands) – please note this might vary slightly between brands.

Feta Cheese Serving SizeWeight in Grams and OuncesCalories Per Serving (in kcal)
1 small cube (2g each)2g/0.07oz5
2 small cubes (2g each)4g/0.14oz11
3 small cubes (2g each)6g/0.21oz16
4 small cubes (2g each)8g/0.28oz22
5 small cubes (2g each)10g/0.35oz27
1 medium cube (4g each)4g/0.14oz11
2 medium cubes (4g each)8g/0.28oz22
3 medium cubes (4g each)12g/0.42oz33
4 medium cubes (4g each)16g/0.56oz44
5 medium cubes (4g each)20g/0.71oz55
1 large cube (8g each)8g/0.28oz22
2 large cubes (8g each)16g/0.56oz44
3 large cubes (8g each)24g/0.85oz66
4 large cubes (8g each)32g/1.13oz88
5 large cubes (8g each)40g/1.41oz110
10g of feta10g/0.35oz27
15g of feta15g/0.53oz41
20g of feta20g/0.71oz55
25g of feta25g/0.88oz69
30g of feta30g/1.1oz82
35g of feta35g/1.23oz96
0.5oz of feta14g/0.5oz38
1oz of feta28g/1oz77
1.5oz of feta43g/1.5oz118
2oz of feta57g/2oz156
2.5oz of feta71g/2.5oz195
3oz of feta85g/3oz233

Feta Cheese Weight & Calorie FAQ’s

How many ounces is feta cheese?

Feta cheese is generally sold in 7oz (200g) blocks which contains seven one-ounce servings per pack.

What is the net weight of feta cheese?

Feta cheese is generally packed in brine to keep it fresh, adding weight to the pack. The net weight is the cheese weight once the brine is drained away; for example, a 400g (14oz) pack of feta cheese has a net weight of 200g (7oz), so 200g (7oz) is brine, and 200g (7oz) is cheese.