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Ferrero Rocher Calories, Weights & Servings (With Calculator & Charts)

In this article, I’ve put together a calculator and charts so you can quickly work out the exact weights and calories of various portions and types of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates.

Weight And Calories Of One Ferrero Rocher?

Use the chart to find out the conversion weights and calories of various types of Ferrero Chocolates.

Ferrero Chocolate TypeWeight in grams & ounces
per chocolate
Calories per chocolate
Ferrero Rocher (Hazlenut Chocolate)12.5g/0.44oz75kcal
Ferrero Rondnoir (Dark Chocolate)11g/0.39oz61kcal
Ferrero Raffaello10g/0.35oz62kcal

Ferrero Rocher Weight And Calorie Calculator

Use the calculator below to work out the weight and calories for your serving of Ferrero chocolate.

This is based on the weights and calories in the chart above. Select your Ferrero chocolate type to find the information you’re looking for:

Ferrero Rocher Weight And Calorie Charts

Use the chart below to find more Ferrero chocolate serving weights and calories for each type of Ferrero Chocolates. Weights and calories are based on-pack nutrition information and averages.

Ferrero Rocher (Hazlenut Chocolate) Chart

Ferrero Rocher (Hazlenut Chocolate)
Serving Size
Average Weight
(in grams & ounces)
Calories (in kcal)
1 chocolate12.5g/0.44oz75
2 chocolates25g/0.88oz150
3 chocolates37.5g/1.32oz225
4 chocolates50g/1.76oz300
5 chocolates62.5g/2.2oz375
6 chocolates75g/2.65oz450
7 chocolates87.5g/3.09oz525
8 chocolates100g/3.53oz600
9 chocolates112.5g/3.97oz675
10 chocolates125g/4.41oz750

Ferrero Rondnoir (Dark Chocolate) Chart

Ferrero Rondnoir (Dark Chocolate)
Serving Size
Average Weight
(in grams & ounces)
Calories (in kcal)
1 chocolate11g/0.39oz61
2 chocolates22g/0.78oz122
3 chocolates33g/1.16oz183
4 chocolates44g/1.55oz244
5 chocolates55g/1.94oz305
6 chocolates66g/2.33oz366
7 chocolates77g/2.72oz427
8 chocolates88g/3.1oz488
9 chocolates99g/3.49oz549
10 chocolates110g/3.88oz610

Ferrero Raffaello Chart

Ferrero Raffaello
Serving Size
Average Weight
(in grams & ounces)
Calories (in kcal)
1 chocolate10g/0.35oz62
2 chocolates20g/0.7oz124
3 chocolates30g/1.06oz186
4 chocolates40g/1.41oz248
5 chocolates50g/1.76oz310
6 chocolates60g/2.12oz372
7 chocolates70g/2.47oz434
8 chocolates80g/2.82oz496
9 chocolates90g/3.17oz558
10 chocolates100g/3.53oz620

How Many Ferrero Rocher Chocolates are in a Serving?

There is no official guidance or pack information that confirms the recommended serving size, but if we look at chocolates in terms of a snack, then the recommended snack amount is less than 250kcal.

A Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolate contains 75kcal per chocolate, so two or three chocolates is a sensible amount as a serving at 150-225kcal.

How Many Ferrero Rocher Chocolates Are In A Pack?

The table below outlines various pack sizes of Ferrero Rocher chocolates along with how many chocolates there are per pack.

Ferrero Rocher Pack WeightNumber of chocolates per pack
200g/7.1oz box16 chocolates
300g/10.6oz box24 chocolates
375g/13.2oz box30 chocolates
525g/18.5oz box42 chocolates
350g/12.3oz tower box28 chocolates

More Ferrero Rocher Weight FAQs

Which is the lowest calorie Ferrero chocolate?

If you’re looking for the lowest calorie of Ferrero chocolate, then go for the dark chocolate Ferrero Rondnoir option which is 5.59kcal per gram instead of the Ferrero Rocher (hazelnut chocolate) which contains 6.03kcal per gram.

How much sugar is in a Ferrero Rocher?

Each Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolate weighs 12.5g and 4.9g of this is sugars. There is a total of 5.5g of carbohydrate per Ferrero Rocher ball.

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