Smarties Vs. M&M’s (What’s the Difference?)

Smarties on the left and M&Ms on the right to show the difference between the two

Smarties and the chocolate version of M&M’s look pretty similar, and you can be forgiven for thinking they’re almost the same with their colorful crispy sugar shells and chocolate centers. Still, there are some subtle differences that separate one from the other. In this article, … Go to page

Canned Asparagus Vs. Fresh (Which is Best)

Vegetables like asparagus have a limited growing season, so they are not always available unless imported from other countries. One way around this problem is by using canned or jarred asparagus, which is available on our grocery store shelves all year round but is it … Go to page

Ranch Vs. Mayo (What’s the Difference?)

ranch dressing on the left and mayonnaise on the right to show the difference between the two

Ranch dressing is hugely popular in the United States, and it’s also starting to appear on some grocery store shelves in the UK. You could be forgiven for thinking that ranch is similar to or the same as mayonnaise, and they’re often associated with each … Go to page

Canned White Corn Vs. Canned Yellow Corn

close up of white corn on the left and yellow corn on the right to show the difference between the two

When you shop for canned sweet corn, chances are you’re going to have a few decisions to make when choosing the right one for you, the first being color- white or yellow? But is there actually a difference between the two when it comes to … Go to page

Rice Krispies Vs. Cheerios (Which is Best?)

Rice Krispies and Cheerios are both staple breakfast cereal choices, and you might think there’s little nutritional difference between the two, but surprisingly there is. In this article, I’ll be comparing Rice Krispies head-to-head in each nutritional category to provide you with the data to … Go to page