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Cantaloupe Weights, Servings & Calories (With Calculator)

Cantaloupes are one of the smaller varieties of melon and one of the most popular due to their subtle yet sweet flavor.

In this article, I’ve put together everything you need to know about cantaloupes when it comes to weights, servings, calories, and nutrition so you can find the data you’re looking for.

Use our quick and easy charts along with our cantaloupe calculator to work out any serving weight or calories for any serving size.

sliced cantaloupe melon and half a melon to show the kind of melon being weighed

How Much Does a Cantaloupe Melon Weigh?

Because cantaloupe melons are a natural product, they all vary in weight and diameter. To keep things simple, I’ve categorized them into small, medium, and large so you can work out the average weight of your fruit.

The table below shows the conversion weights (in metric and imperial) for each size of cantaloupe melon based on average official weights from the USDA. Please note that each fruit will vary in weight, so use this as a guide:

Cantaloupe Melon SizeAverage Metric WeightAverage Imperial Weight
Small (around 4-1/4″ diameter)441g / 0.44kg15.6oz / 0.97lb
Medium (around 5″ diameter)552g / 0.55kg19.5oz / 1.22lb
Large (around 6-1/2″ diameter)814g / 0.81kg28.7oz / 1.79lb
Table to show the average weight of a cantaloupe melon (in metric and imperial).

Weight Per Wedge of Cantaloupe Melon

Cantaloupe melons are typically served in wedges which are easy to cut and eat. The average weight of a slice of cantaloupe will depend on the size of the melon and how many portions it’s been cut into.

The data below assumes that a melon has been cut into eight individual slices and shows the conversion weights for each size of melon (see more information and diameters above).

Cantaloupe Melon SizeAverage Metric Weight Per WedgeAverage Imperial Weight Per Wedge
Wedge From a Small Melon55g / 0.055kg1.9oz / 0.12lb
Wedge From a Medium Melon69g / 0.069kg2.4oz / 0.15lb
Wedge From a Large Melon102g / 0.1kg3.6oz / 0.22lb
Table to show the average weight of a wedge of cantaloupe melon (in metric and imperial).

Cantaloupe Serving Per Person

The suggested serving size of cantaloupe melon is one cup of chopped (cubed) melon, weighing around 160g (5.6oz).

A serving of this size equals around 1.5 wedges from a large melon (cut into 8), two slices from a medium melon, or three slices from a small melon (see above for more information on melon sizes).

A serving of cantaloupe, which weighs 160g (5.6oz), contains 54 calories (in kcal).

How Many Servings Are in a Cantaloupe Melon?

If you need to work out how many servings you can get from a cantaloupe melon, then here’s the information you need.

The data below shows the average amount of servings you can expect from a cantaloupe melon, depending on the size. This is based on a serving size of 1 cup, 160g or 5.6oz (see above).

Cantaloupe Melon SizeMelon WeightServings Per Melon
Wedge From a Small Melon441g / 0.12lb2.8
Wedge From a Medium Melon552g / 0.15lb3.5
Wedge From a Large Melon814g / 0.22lb5
Table to show the number of servings you get per melon depending on size
wedge serving of cantaloupe melon being eaten with a spoon

Cantaloupe Cup Weights

If you prefer to measure in cups, then the data in the table below shows the conversion weights in metric and imperial for various cup sizes of cantaloupe melon.

This information is based on the assumption that the melon has been chopped or diced into small cubes. Please note that weights can vary slightly depending on the size of the melon cubes and how much space they take in the cup.

US Cup SizeCubed Cantaloupe Conversion Weight
In Grams & Ounces
Calories per weight 0.34
1 cup160g / 5.6oz54kcal
1/2 cup80g / 2.8oz27kcal
3/4 cup120g / 4.2oz41kcal
2/3 cup107g / 3.8oz36kcal
1/4 cup40g / 1.4oz14kcal
1/3 cup53g / 1.9oz18kcal

Cantaloupe Weight & Calorie Calculator

Use the calculator below to work out weight conversions (in metric and imperial) and calorie values for any serving size of cantaloupe melon.

Choose your preferred weight type and input your serving weight to continue:

Cantaloupe Weight & Calorie Chart

The quick reference table below will help you find conversion weights and calories for various servings of cantaloupe melon.

These figures are based on averages and using official calorie data from the USDA, which confirms that 100g of cantaloupe contains 34kcal (or 0.34kcal per gram).

Cantaloupe Melon Serving WeightConversion WeightCalories Per Serving
One Serving (160g)5.6oz54kcal
Half a serving (80g)2.8oz27kcal
Table to show weights and calories for various servings of cantaloupe melon

Cantaloupe Melon Nutritional Information

A serving of cantaloupe melon contains more than 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A and 80% of the recommended intake of vitamin C, making it an excellent choice for skin health.

It’s packed full of various vitamins and minerals and contains antioxidants that help our bodies fight inflammation.

For more information on the health benefits of cantaloupe melons, take a look at this article at Nourish by WebMD.

Nutrition TypeAmount per 160g Serving (One Cup)
Of which are sugars7.88g
Dietary Fiber0.8g
Sodium30mg (1% daily value)
Vitamin A100% daily value
Vitamin C80% daily value
Calcium2% daily value
Iron2% daily value
Table to show the nutritional information for canteloupe melon

More Cantaloupe Weight & Servings FAQs

How much of a cantaloupe melon is water?

For every 100g of cantaloupe melon, 90.2g is water, which accounts for their juiciness and makes them an excellent summertime snack.

How many calories are in half a cantaloupe melon?

The average weight of half a small cantaloupe melon is 220g and contains 75kcal, half a medium cantaloupe weighs around 276g and has 94kcal, and half a large cantaloupe weighs about 407g and contains 138kcal.

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To ensure the nutritional information used in this article is accurate, I have used data from the USDA FoodData Central; the link below contains the source information in case you need it:

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