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Cadbury Twirl Weights and Calories (Various Types & Servings)

In this article, I’ve put together a calculator and charts so you can quickly work out the exact weights and calories of various portions, sizes, and types of Cadbury Twirl.

How Much Does a Cadbury Twirl Weigh?

A Standard individual Cadbury Twirl Bar containing two fingers weighs 43g/1.5oz and contains 228kcal.

Use the table to find more conversion weights of one standard Cadbury Twirl bar:

ConversionWeight of a Standard
Cadbury Twirl Bar

Cadbury Twirl Pack Sizes, Servings & Calories

Cadbury Twirls come in various pack sizes so servings and calories can vary depending on the one you choose.

The table below shows the most recent pack sizes and varieties that are widely available in stores and supermarkets.

Type of Cadbury Twirl
& Pack Weight
Weight Per ServingCalories per Serving in Kcal
Standard Twirl Bar
Pack weight 43g
21.5g/0.76oz (one finger)114
Orange Twirl Bar
Pack weight 43g
21.5g/0.76oz (one finger)114
Chocolate Twirl Multipack
4x34g (136g Pack)
17g/0.6oz (one finger)90
Single Finger Twirl Multipack
11×21.5g (236.5g Pack)
21.5g/0.76oz (one finger)115
Twirl Bites
Pack Weight 109g
22.4g/0.8oz (around 7 bites)119

How Much Does a Cadbury Twirl Bite Weigh?

Twirl Bites a sold in 109g/3.8oz bags and each one can vary in weight and some stick together so I weighed a number of bites to get an average.

The average weight of an individual Cadbury Twirl Bite is around 2.5-3.5g (0.09-0.12oz) per chocolate.

A serving of Cadbury Twirl Bites is equal to around 7 bites and there are 4-5 servings in a pack.

Cadbury Twirl Bites Weight and Calorie Calculator

Use the calculator below to work out the weight and calories for your serving of Twirl Bites.

This calculator is based on an average Twirl Bite weight of 3g (0.1oz) and that each one contains 15.9 calories (in kcal).

Cadbury’s Twirl Weight and Calorie Chart

Use the chart below to find more Twirl serving weights and calories, these figures are based on actual weights and calories (as per pack information) and average weights (for Twirl Bites).

Cadbury Twirl Serving SizeAverage WeightCalories (in kcal)
1 Twirl Finger21.5g/0.76oz114
2 Twirl Fingers43g/1.5oz228
3 Twirl Fingers64.5g/2.28oz342
4 Twirl Fingers86g/3.03oz456
5 Twirl Fingers107.5g/3.79oz570
7 Twirl Bites (one serving)22.4g/0.79oz119
25g Twirl Bites 25g/0.88oz133
50g Twirl Bites 50g/1.76oz265
75g Twirl Bites 75g/2.65oz398
100g Twirl Bites 100g/3.53oz530
1oz Twirl Bites 28.3g/1oz150
2oz Twirl Bites 56.7g/2oz301
3oz Twirl Bites 85g/3oz451
4oz Twirl Bites 113.4g/4oz601

More Cadbury Twirl FAQs

How many Cadbury Twirl Bites are in a pack?

Twirl Bites are sold in 109g packs and there are around 35-40 whole bites in each pack, which is equal to 4-5 servings per pack.

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