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Cadbury Heroes Weights, Calories & Servings

In this article, I’ve put together a calculator and charts so you can quickly work out the exact weights and calories of various portions of Cadbury Heroes Chocolates, for each variety.

Including – information on how many chocolates you can expect to get in a pack, individual weights, and calories, along with a Cadbury Heroes Calculator to work out all of the figures you need for your serving.

Cadbury Heroes Weight & Calories Per Chocolate

I weighed Cadbury Heroes chocolates from a 614g tub to get an average weight per chocolate for each type.

Cadbury doesn’t confirm the calorie information for each type of chocolate on their packaging, instead, they combine the calories into an overall value of 491kcal per 100g (or 4.91kcal per gram).

The table below shows the average weight per chocolate in metric and imperial weights and calories are based on the assumption that each gram contains 4.91kcal per gram.

Please note, calorie figures are not exact and are based on averages from the nutritional information available.

Cadbury Heroes Chocolate TypeAverage Weight Per ChocolateAverage calories Per Chocolate
Crunchie Bits10.5g/0.37oz52
Dairy Milk11g/0.39oz54
Creme Egg10.7g/0.38oz53
Dinky Decker7.2g/0.25oz36

How Many Cadbury Heroes are in a Tub?

I counted the chocolates in a 614g tub of Cadbury Heroes to find out how many chocolates you get per tub and here are the results:

There are a total of 65 chocolates per 614g (600g net weight excluding wrappers) tub of Cadbury Heroes giving an average weight per chocolate of around 9.2g/0.32oz.

The table below shows you how many of each type of chocolate you can expect in a standard 614g tub of Cadbury Heroes.

Please note, this information is based on what I counted in a typical tub, and amounts may vary.

Cadbury Heroes Chocolate TypeNumber of Chocolates Per Tub
Crunchie Bits7
Dairy Milk7
Creme Egg9
Dinky Decker8

Cadbury Heroes Weight and Calorie Calculator

Use the calculator below to work out the weight and calories for your serving of Cadbury Heroes.

This calculator is based on an average weight of 9.2g (0.32oz) per chocolate and an average calorie amount of 45kcal per average chocolate/4.91kcal per gram (as per pack information).

Please note, calories may vary slightly between different chocolates, and this information is based on average figures based on the nutritional information available.

Cadbury Heroes Weight and Calorie Chart

Use the chart below to find more Cadbury Heroes serving weights and calories, these figures are based on an average Cadbury Heroes weight of 9.2g (0.32oz) and using the assumption that each chocolate contains an average of 45kcal/4.91kcal per gram (as per pack information).

Cadbury Heroes Serving SizeAverage WeightAverage Calories (in kcal)
1 chocolate9.2g/0.32oz45
2 chocolates18.4g/0.65oz90
3 chocolates27.6g/0.97oz136
4 chocolates36.8g/1.3oz181
5 chocolates46g/1.62oz226
6 chocolates55.2g/1.95oz271
7 chocolates64.4g/2.27oz316
8 chocolates73.6g/2.6oz361
9 chocolates82.8g/2.92oz407
10 chocolates92g/3.25oz452
25g 25g/0.88oz123

How Many Cadbury Heroes are in a Serving?

There is no official guidance or pack information that confirms the recommended serving size of Cadbury Heroes, but when compared to Nestle Quality Street which contain the same amount of calories per chocolate, the serving size is two chocolates per portion.

Cadbury Heroes Pack Sizes & Servings Per Pack

Cadbury Heroes Chocolates come in a variety of pack sizes, which each contain different servings per pack.

The table below shows the most recent pack sizes which are widely available in stores and supermarkets along with the average number of chocolates you can expect per pack (based on an average weight of 9.2g per chocolate).

Pack weights are based on the net weight which excludes the weight of the individual wrappers and assuming there are two chocolates per serving.

Cadbury Heroes Pack SizeAverage number of chocolates per packServings Per Pack (approx)
290g box3216
357g pouch3919
600g tub6532
800g tin8743

More Cadbury Heroes Weight & Calorie FAQs

How many Cadbury Heroes are in 100g?

Based on an average weight of 9.2g (0.32oz) per Cadbury Heroes chocolate, there are around 11 chocolates in 100g.

Which Cadbury Heroes do you get the most of in a tub?

The most common chocolate in a tub of Cadbury Heroes is the Cadbury Chocolate Eclair. On average there are around 9 Eclairs per 600g tub of Heroes.

How many types of Cadbury Heroes Chocolates are there?

There are nine different Cadbury Heroes chocolates, including; Eclairs, Wispa, Crunchie Bits, Dairy Milk, Twirl, Fudge, Creme Egg, Dinky Decker, and Caramel.

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