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Baked Potato Weights And Conversions (In Charts)

In this article, I’ll help you find all the information you need for weights, conversions, and calories per baked potato (depending on the size). Also – see the results of my experiment to find out the average weight difference between a baked and unbaked potato.

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How Much Does A Baked Potato Weigh?

Potatoes that are sold for baking are effectively just big potatoes that are selected for this purpose. Many people prefer a larger potato for baking, especially if it’s going to be used as the basis of a meal, with a topping or side salad.

Another reason why larger potatoes are sold as bakers is because of the shrinkage during cooking (which I’ll cover in more detail later in this article).

I weighed a number of baking potatoes to find an average weight depending on size. Because every baking potato is different, weights varied considerably, so to keep things simple, I’ve categorized them into small, medium, and large.

The table below shows the average weight and conversion weights of a baked potato (baked in an oven) for each size range:

Baked Potato SizeAverage Weight – MetricAverage Weight – Imperial
Small105 – 175g / 0.1 – 0.18kg3.7 – 6.2oz / 0.23 – 0.39lb
Medium176 – 210g / 0.18 – 0.21kg6.2 – 7.4oz / 0.39 – 0.46lb
Large211 – 280g / 0.21 – 0.28kg7.4 – 9.9 oz / 0.47 – 0.62lb
Chart to show the conversion weights of small, medium, and large baked potatoes

Baked Potato Weights Before And After Cooking

When a potato is baked in the oven, it shrinks in size and weight. I wanted to find out the average difference between the cooked and raw weight of baked potatoes to get a formula that helps to calculate the before and after baking weight difference for any size of baked potato.

So I did an experiment with a sample of various-sized baking potatoes to get an average shrinkage figure, and here are the results:

When a potato is oven-baked, it will lose around 30% of its original weight during cooking. For example, if a raw potato has a starting weight of 300g (10.6oz), it will weigh about 210g (7.4oz) once baked.

When we base this on averaged-sized potatoes in various size groups, here are the before and after baking weights you can expect for each potato size:

Baked Potato SizeAverage Weight (Raw)Average Weight (Baked)
Small150 – 250g / (5.3 – 8.8oz)105 – 175g / (3.7 – 6.2oz)
Medium251 – 300g / (8.9 – 10.6oz)176 – 210g / (6.2 – 7.4oz)
Large301g – 400g (plus) / (10.6-14oz)211 – 280g / (7.4 – 9.9oz)
Chart to show the before and after cooking weights of baked potatoes

The image below shows some examples of potato weight before and after baking, so you can see the difference. As you can see from the sample below, the shrinkage percentage is similar in various shapes and sizes of potato.

experiment to show how much baked potatoes weight before and after cooking and the % weight they lose

If you need to calculate specific before and after baking potato weights, you can use our calculator via the link below:

Baked Potato Weight Calculator (Before And After Cooking)

Cooked Vs. Uncooked Baked Potato Weights For Counting Calories?

When you’re counting calories using a calorie tracker such as MyFitnessPal, it’s important to know whether the data refers to cooked or raw weights because this can make the calories higher or lower than they actually are. This is especially important with high-calorie foods that can make a big impact on daily tracking.

When it comes to pre-packed food and meat, the general advice is to go with the raw weights. However, when it comes to baked potatoes, things are a little more confusing because the calorie information in trackers tends to refer to the cooked weight.

The key is to take a common sense approach to use the correct weight, so if a tracker is referring to a baked potato, then use the cooked weight, but if it relates to the raw weight, then use that instead.

In some cases, trackers don’t specify whether the calorie values are referring to raw or cooked weights. So, if in doubt, it’s best to air on the side of caution, depending on whether you’re trying to increase or decrease your calorie intake.

If you use the raw weight, but the tracker is actually referring to a cooked potato, then you will be counting more calories than you need to. Whereas if you’re using the cooked weight and the tracker is referring to the raw weight, you will be tracking fewer calories than you should.

Why Potatoes Weigh Less After Baking

The simple reason why baked potatoes weigh less when cooked than they did when they were raw is that a potato is over 80% water, and some of this water content evaporates during cooking, causing it to dehydrate.

The USDA confirms that a raw potato contains 83.3g of water per 100g of raw potato, whereas a baked potato (cooked without any other ingredients) contains 74.9g of water per 100g of potato.

Baked Potato Weight And Calorie Chart

The chart below will help you find weight, conversions, and calories for various serving sizes of baked potato.

This data is based on cooked values of a plain baked potato with the skin on.

If you’re looking for a specific weight conversion or calorie value, you can also use our baked potato calculator via the link below:

Baked Potato Calorie Calculator (Cooked Or Raw Weights)

Baked Potato Serving WeightConversion WeightCalories Per Serving

More Baked Potato Weight FAQs

How much does a baked potato skin weigh?

The weight of a baked potato skin will vary depending on the size of the potato and how crispy it is, but the average skin weight is around 35-45g (1.2-1.6oz).

How many baked potatoes are in a kilogram?

Based on an average medium-sized (cooked) baked potato weighing 176 – 210g, there are about 5-6 in a kilogram. If you need the raw weight, an average medium-sized uncooked baking potato weighs around 251 – 300g, so there will be about 3-4 in a kilogram.

How many baked potatoes are in a pound?

Based on an average medium-sized (cooked) baked potato weighing 6.2 – 7.4oz, there are about 2 – 2.5 in a pound. Using the raw weight, an average medium-sized uncooked baking potato weighs around 8.9 – 10.6oz, so there will be about 1.5 – 1.8 in a pound.

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