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Baked Potato Weight Calculator (Before And After Cooking)

If you need to convert baked potato weights before and after cooking for calorie trackers or recipes, then this calculator will help you get the information you need.

Also – find out how much baking potatoes shrink when they’re baked in an oven to see how much the weight is impacted by cooking.

Baked Potato Cooking Weight Calculator

The calculator below will help you to convert a raw potato weight to a cooked weight and convert cooked weights back to raw.

Select your potato type (cooked or raw) and input the weight (in grams) to get started:

Please note – the data in this calculator is based on an average shrinkage during cooking (see below) and is an approximate amount that may vary slightly due to variables like cooking time and potato type.

How Much Do Potatoes Shrink When Baked

A baked (or jacket) potato is effectively any potato that’s baked in an oven (or similar). They’re often sold in grocery stores as bakers, but they’re really just big potatoes that make good-sized baked potatoes.

The reason why you need a larger potato for baking is that they shrink in size and weight during cooking due to water evaporation and dehydration. This shrinkage can often cause confusion if a person needs a before or after cooking weight for a calorie counter or meal prepping.

I did some research to find out the average shrinkage (in weight) that you can expect when you bake a potato. This involved testing the before and after cooking weights of various sized and shaped baking potatoes.

Here are the results:

When a potato is baked in an oven until cooked in the center and the skin is crispy, you can expect the weight of the potato to decrease by around 30%. For example, if you have a baking potato with a raw weight of 350g (12.3oz), the cooked weight will be around 245g (8.6oz).

The image below shows a sample from this experiment, so you can get an idea of the shrinkage in various-sized potatoes.

experiment to show how much baked potatoes weight before and after cooking and the % weight they lose

I hope this calculator has helped you get the data you were looking for. If you need more information on average baked potato weights and calories, head over to the main article on this topic via the link below:

Baked Potato Weights And Conversions (In Charts)

Baked Potato Calorie Calculator (Cooked Or Raw Weights)

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